Bugs bugs bugs!!!

They’re everywhere, have you noticed? Every time I log into WoW since last Wednesday’s patch, I seem to discover something else that is currently broken in the game. I don’t remember when a patch broke so many things in the game before lol – 4.0.1. buggiest patch ever? What’s going on?

Today several of my guild mates got their characters stuck in limbo while trying to enter instances. Half the time I find myself “not in a guild’ after logging on. I am also wearing a tabard, when really I am not. And I cannot seem to inspect people anymore. There’s something odd going on with guildchat and the guildranks too and the inbuilt item comparison simply ignores stats on some of the gear.

Then yesterday, I realized that I do not exist in the BGs I’m currently playing in. When trying to find myself on the BG charter to check honor gained or healing done, I do not exist! There is also some weird, small nametag flashing up on my screen during PVP now, overlapping my hotkeys or then moving on top of my minimap….ermm? Apparently I am also the only one with this issue, quite unnerving!

At least I was able to buy the Wrathful weapon now, after realizing that those angry red tooltips on all the last season PVP gear are simply bugged (yes you can buy everything now, no rank required anymore!).
Oh and don’t even try to compare your converted points for honor or justice points with other guildmates, because it won’t make any sense!

In case you hateΒ  the new Blizzard raidframes as much as I do and want to get rid of the minimized tab they leave on the top left of your screen even if disabled, you might wanna macro this command:

/run CompactRaidFrameManager:UnregisterAllEvents() CompactRaidFrameManager:Hide() CompactRaidFrameContainer:UnregisterAllEvents() CompactRaidFrameContainer:Hide()

Simply enter this once when inside a raid and the tab will disappear completely. There’s no other way currently to do this, as far as I know.

….so much for bugs and post-patch annoyances. That said, I am not actually too annoyed, I find it more amusing than anything to discover more and more bugs as I am playing! =D

I am a little surprised there was no big hotfix yet this morning though – or maybe that’s bugged too?


  1. Oh, thanks for the macro. I’ve had a lot of people ask about getting rid of those. I’m linking this in my guild forums.

    This is a super-buggy patch. We did the weekly last night (Jaraxxus) and a bunch of people ended up thrown out of the instance or through the floor into Nether-Nether land to fall endlessly when that Yeti jerk did his stomp. Made for an interesting night for sure!

  2. Nah – i seem to recall all of the pre-expansion patches being this bad – also i remember the shit we went through at 3.3 with ToC. I think they do it on purpose so that when cata actually gets launched it fixes a load of problems and runs extra smooth so ppl go “wow this is AWESOME” after getting used to crippling bugs for the last 6 weeks.

    Perhaps a little cynicism, but as blizzard customers, I think we’re more than entitled to this πŸ™‚

    We had an interesting moment in ICC last night – just cleared the trash before the Blood Princes and on the pull, we all got booted out side and all the trash had respawned. Magic! All the Princes had full health bars too – which led to a few squeaky bums until the empowerment moved around and actually came up with the correct health.

    This is also without mentioned the crippling framerate bugs in Dalaran. It makes the place unplayable. Outside the Horde/Alliance banks and the Violet Citadel, framerates drop from around 40 to 5, leave Dala and all is groovy. Most likely to be because of the new texturing or other such effect – yay!

  3. Oooh bugs.. Slimey, yet satisfying.. πŸ˜›

    Thanks for the macro πŸ™‚

    Another great tip was the “Cog fix” addon..
    Stops bugging out from the horseman/bgs/conjuring food/summoning portals/anything where your mouse hovered over a cog thing and you DC’d. I was worried I was going to wear my authenticator out πŸ˜›

  4. The one thing I keep seeing is that there always seems to be two or three people who freeze the moment they zone into a dungeon. This happens when any of my toons run any instance.

    Yeah, it’s quite buggy for sure. Luckily there’s still another month or more to fix everything before the next patch hits. I wonder how many bugs will come with 4.0.3?

  5. @Alas
    Glad you can use it! and that sounds like awesome fun….not! it’s incredible how one patch could mess up so many things at once!

    I can’t honestly not think of a single expansion or pre-patch that messed up such a variety of stuff, maybe I’ve repressed the memory tho!

    Haha, I’m glad that can’t happen or my own authenticator would’ve run out a long time ago! πŸ˜‰

    I dare hope that they’ve actually fixed most of this before any next patch!

    I’ve had a baffling night in BGs tonight too, they’re absolutely broken atm and I’m not just talking about the insane class unbalance – we were actually 10 alliance vs. 42 (!) horde at some point in AV!
    working as intended??

  6. What gets me is they have had a week to fix this stuff and it is still messed up. And I mean some simpler things like an empty loot bag in random BG’s.
    Someone doing the holiday event said they weren’t making it a priority due to Blizzcon starting this week, but I’m not paying to go to blizzcon.

  7. @Barrista
    Indeed, that is a stupid reason if it’s actually the case! it feels like we are paying to play on test-servers right now, what have they been doing the past few weeks during the PTR, I wonder?

    The official forums are overflowing on bug-reports while they won’t even acknowledge half of the issues (as usual).

  8. i still think you should’ve taken the “consuming impulse” album cover from pestilence for that post. πŸ™


  9. Just wrote in length about that patch and how it influenced low-level content.

    If it were any other company I’d say that a polished cataclysm launch is wishful thinking.

  10. As a druid while being shape shifted I cant press leave dungeon button and be teleported out. Instead I am getting you cannot do that while dead message. IT quite amusing though. Curently I am not taht buggered with bugs except 1. As a DK you cannot tank Sindragosa because the slowing debuff also slows the regeneration of runes. But I haven’t done any pvp so I havent seen the ones you describe.

  11. Of the bugs you’re describing, I’ve mostly experienced disconnects when logging in to a toon or zoning into an instance. The HH summon cog disconnected me several times, but seems to have cleared up now.

    I’m impressed that you aren’t too annoyed >_>;;; My temper is short and I often find myself nerdraging in AIM as I hard shutdown and reboot my computer to bust out of yet another wow-related freeze.

  12. I don’t know, maybe I have just resigned myself to the fact that this game is often buggy and you never know what to expect after a patch.
    And I always have worse comparisons – in vanilla wow we could hardly raid for weeks in BWL and co. because of the lag or then we were stuck in login queues of 500+ every night trying to log on, one gets used to anything really! =P

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