Syl, das bin ich, c’est moi! I reside in central Europe and have been playing videogames since the early 80ies. I’ve owned most gaming consoles between the Intellivision and Gamecube after which I turned to PC gaming and the world of online cooperative play.

My first proper MMORPG was FFXI in 2002 with a dial-up modem and not enough hours during the night to keep up with the Japanese players on my server. From there, I would play too many titles to recall them all but my top five MMORPGs are probably FFXIV, LOTRO, GW2, Wildstar and WoW. I also have a soft spot for Age of Conan and Allods.


I am a die-hard explorer and care about storytelling, simulation and immersion in games as well as shiny things and dragons. These days I spend most of my time playing open world RPGs as well as survival crafters. I also love exploring small games, fun indie titles that bring something unique to the table. Gaming today is more varied and accessible than ever and it is and always will be an integral part of my life.