This is Halloween, this is Halloween (again)

“It is over, your search is done! Let fate choose now, the righteous one!”

That’s right, the Hallow’s End is taking another round in WoW from this week on, with the same old quests and mobs to farm in order to get minipets and special mounts – if the event isn’t bugging out on you, that is. And once more I find myself wondering if Blizzard will ever bother to update the seasonals because really, it is only fun so many times…Are we going to see the same quests and rewards again in Cataclysm? I hope not!

As you might have noticed if you aren’t accessing this page by reader only, the header of Raging Monkeys has been slightly re-decorated in honor of this great holiday and also, because we really love to dress up – or rather I do and it’s not like the other two can do anything about it! =D Squirrel has withdrawn to live inside a jack-O-lantern for the time being, until hibernation time anyway.

It’s been a busy week full of srs bsns, buggy patches to discuss and new skills to analyze, so it’s high time for another Frivolous Friday topic, before we’ve entirely ruined our blog’s reputation by appearing way too serious and ..informative!

My PVP Pit

I’ve already mentioned in my last post how baffling some of the bugs and imbalances in battlegrounds are at the moment, it’s really not a good time to start PVPing if you’re currently contemplating the option. Nonetheless I am quite a passionate PVPer in WoW, at least as much as times allows me to besides raiding, so when I saw Zelmaru’s call to join the Bee Pit Bingo, I was instantly tempted to contribute with a PVP card of my own.

In case you don’t know what the Bee Pit is about, be sure to visit the page and have a look around – you have probably tossed a lot of players into the pit yourself in the past without knowing!
I have quite some player disdain to share in WoW, I could’ve easily created another PVE card, but there’s so many BG annoyances I have accumulated over the past years that it was great fun to think about my personal tops there. So here’s my contribution, if you’re frequently pvping yourself I’m sure you will know them all too well!

Make sure to check out the other fabulous Bee Pit Bingo cards currently up @ Murloc Parliament. And as always a good weekend everybody!


  1. Aw, defending in WSG gets you thrown into the bee pit? I mean, I know it’s a fairly aggressive battleground, but a couple of good defenders in your flag room can be quite valuable!

  2. Hehe well there’s a situation where few defenders don’t hurt yeah, especially when time’s running out and you’re ahead but likely won’t score another time.
    but aside of that WSG really isn’t a defense game, people should care about FCing and the EFC, not defend from the start. πŸ™‚
    that’s why it’s so nice to go in there with your own FC as a healer, you can still win WSGs easily if you cover the core roles yourself (and hopefully the others take care of EFC).

  3. Those “let’s lose” calls really irritates me, it’s like the ones saying that only wants to get carried through the BG’s for quick marks and when the going gets tough they don’t want to play no more. Wankers!

  4. I also hope they rejig the holidays for Cata, as it stands now I have two achievements left then I’ll have every single holiday achievement (finally got the purple drake). All I have left to do is RNG the 20 flimsy masks and RNG the black dress at easter.

    I’ve never been a big PVPer but started to get into it before patch 4.0.1 now it’s annoying me again. Mages 3 shotting me, moonkins just casting thorns on themselves making them untouchable pretty much to melee and the sheer joy of that one wannabe general barking orders at everyone then failing miserably to follow them themselves.

  5. Flag defenders in wsg normally go afk. Or they are a rogue who stealths at the first sign of trouble saying ” Too hard to try.. ” and very cute banner πŸ™‚ I miss wearing a witches hat as part of my gear, I think it was in the outlands at the time I got to wear one breifly as a valid upgrade.

  6. @Tessy
    The quit-callers are the single most annoying thing in BGs. it’s the one time when I actually engage in BG chat and not in a friendly manner!

    Mages are ridiculous atm. well all ranged DPS, but mages especially. and that new bladestorm ability on the warlock pet, rofl…-.-

    Thanks! and I still have a full witch outfit in my bank, plus matching broom and kitty, hehe! πŸ˜‰

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