Black Desert Online Soundtrack Interview at MMOGames

This is just a quick update to ping the composer interview I got to make for MMOGames with the leading people behind Black Desert Online’s soundtrack. There was next to no (English) information about this so far, so I was excited to get this special opportunity. It is always fascinating to hear how different composers approach creating MMO music, especially for titles that have different publishers across the world and pay credit to regional differences and language. BDO’s music has been somewhat hit and miss for me so far in terms of consistency, but we’ll be talking about that more in an upcoming Battle Bards episode.

My first MMO music column at MMOGames was about Blade&Soul, in case you are interested! Now excuse me, I have carrots to farm and cats to take for a horse ride in Black Desert!

Black Desert Online Soundtrack Interview

Riding with kitty!


  1. I’ve seen a few cats riding on carts and carriages but I didn’t realize you could take them on horseback. BDO is very heavily cat-biased, I’ve noticed, as opposed to dog. I wonder if that’s a Korean cultural thing or just the preference of a particular developer? Whichever it is, whoever did the modelling for the cats doesn’t ever appear to have seen one in real life.

    1. Haha yes the pet models aren’t so great, I’m not even sure why. The falcon is sweet but the cats and dogs are mostly a bit creepy. The cat crawls on your horse when you stand still or ride more slowly! It’s one of the endless details that make this game so wonderful to me right now.
      Or when you put something in your horse’s storage, it automatically creates a visible backpack. Or how your armor visibly decays when damaged, including the cosmetic’s looks. Just amazeballs.

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