The Fantastic Races of the Black Desert

Black Desert Online is one of those MMOs, like Age of Conan, that only lets you roll humans/humanlikes as player characters. Okay, the ranger class are elves apparently (although my ranger looks zero elf and a good thing too) and it’s debatable what Berserkers are… But there’s not the exotic choice of being a tiny Asura, a grumpy dwarf or a green-skinned orc in BDO. What that meant to me at first was that I wasn’t going to encounter the usual high fantasy whimsy in this MMO but a more serious, maybe Skyrim-esque setting with the odd dragon or crazy wizard.

Thank god I was wrong! For some reason Pearl Abyss are only down to earth when it comes to player classes but outside of that, anything goes. Exploring the world of Black Desert Online with all its different quirky races is a true delight. I’ve only discovered maybe half of the current map by now and some of the races I’ve encountered had me go squee with joy or laugh in amazement. Current favorites: otters and kuku birds!


Dwarves and Granoks?


Otter with dudes that look like fauns


Goblins have it tough in BDO




They have a cave troll!


Creepy reindeer geek


Fishman on his way to weightwatchers


Mario was here


He asked me to kiss him, I said no


KUKU bird <3

Happy Friday everyone and enjoy that early MMO magic!


  1. The sentient races in BDO are one if the game’s strongest attractions I think. I certainly wasn’t expecting them. I hope there are some NPC Imps somewhere because the ones I keep slaughtering look like quite an interesting bunch.

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