New Wildstar Housing Tour! My Cassian Crib incl. Gameroom [#Blaugust 23]

Now that I am resubbed to Wildstar and have access to my housing plot again, I realized I should really get another housing tour done before free-to-play hits. I did a couple of videos last year when I was still playing, but I never actually got around to frapsing my own crib. This has now been amended.

The following is a tour of my fully furnished 3-floor Cassian home in Wildstar, including a custom made veranda with botanical lab, my plushie collection and of course the gamer room with multiplayer! Carbine have added a lot of interesting construction tiles since I made all this, including round shapes and glass panels but am not gonna mess around with these before F2P since I expect to redo everything completely once we have access to the bigger plots and new housing items. There will be so much to do….anyway, enjoy this quick tour of mi casa, status pre-f2p!


    1. I use fraps for capture which costs like 15$ (?) bucks to unlock fully. Fraps is the go-to place for gamers. For editing I tried out various software incl. sony vegas but eventually opted for Power Director which costs between 80$ – 150$ for standard editions. That also let’s you do voice overs or you can already include them while frapsing.

  1. Id love to have housing in ESO! I miss it so much. Fun fun to build and collect stuff as I was able to in Rift. (Tho Wildstar is too hardcore 4 me so i stick to ESO and GW2 for now:):) Thanks for sharing!

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