Zomg Double-Subbed?? [#Blaugust 24]

Last night while working on my Wildstar housing showcase for blaugust, I realized something rather extraordinary:

I am officially double-subbed to two MMOs. This happened in 2015, that slow year for MMO releases!

Unplanned occurrences aside (let’s forget that I may or may not have remained subbed to WoW by mistake), I can’t remember the last time I was subbed simultaneously to two different games. I’ve always been subbed to something since 2002, namely FFXI, WoW, Age of Conan, Rift, LOTRO, Wildstar and now FFXIV. I would often combine this playtime with a free-to-play title like Allods or Tera, or then a buy-to-play game such as GW2. I like variety these days but being double-subbed is rare even for me.

Once more with feeling

I don’t know how long this will last but in terms of my current enjoyment with MMO gaming, I find it quite a remarkable and certainly unexpected state of affairs. In the years following my WoW spree, I was struck by a general MMO-malaise that many ex-WoW players undoubtedly shared. New games had much to live up to, sometimes too much, while I did my best not to qualify every different feature in terms of “better or worse than in WoW” – which is ironic given that I left WoW because it clearly wasn’t so great any longer.

I feel like I have finally overcome this mindset. I approach new titles without all the past baggage. It’s definitely nice to be immersed in that one MMO don’t get me wrong, it is also a very positive sign however that I can still find enough fun and enjoyment in MMOs to subscribe for two games in 2015. Even if I’m not necessarily representative, I feel hopeful for this genre. What I look forward to in the coming years is more stability; fewer new releases, more quality content for existing games. Fingers crossed!

With that in mind, I want to highlight this youtube fan guide on all the more recent changes to Wildstar (not the upcoming f2p changes but what’s been done up to now). I agree with the commenter that the pace and difficulty have been improved by Carbine in many events. As he points out too, it is sad the tweaking comes this late and one can only hope more players will give the game one more chance come F2P, together with those who have never tried it. Coming from FFXIV, I hold a torch for second chances: really, what’s there to lose?


  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying both enough to stay subbed, these are the 2 MMOs I’m playing right now too! I think they compliment each other well because they have very different worlds and play styles 😀

    1. I agree! Am honestly mostly into the housing in WS but am also looking forward to more stuff coming for f2p. I really hope more players will give the game another chance, it would be a shame for an MMO with so much polish and unique appeal to disappear.

  2. I have to say I’m really enjoying WildStar. Not sure I would want to play it as my main MMO (the colors are a bit harsh to look at for long stretches) but it is definitely going to be very welcome in the rotation.

    1. Indeed. Fingers crossed it can stay that way…I’ll be the first to spend some cash on that shop (altho I’ve already bought subs anyway) if it can get the game stable somehow. Really hoping Carbine can pull it off.

  3. Very nice to find two mmo’s that give you enough of a different feel to make subscribing worth while.

    That being said I often have two subs to games going – now that I have given up being able to play them that often I like seeing the accumulation of bonus stuff for subscribers if nothing else.

    Currently I am subbed to all access for daybreaker and TESO – Not sure about the value of the TESO but its hard to beat the value that The-Company-Formally-Known-As-SoE offers with its all access account.

    I did buy and play wildstar a few months ago – lasted about 4 hours before I quit. That does mean I have the game tho, ready to play if there is a big community happening there.

    Plan to resub to FF14 again too – just need to stop using my gaming time for writing/drawing hehe

    Happy Gaming my dear friend!

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