Battle Bards – Episode #14: World of Warcraft

Do you remember the sound of Elwynn Forest? Can you smell the scent of beewax candles and lumber? Do you recall the way a murloc dies?


It was high time the Bards took up the immeasurable soundtrack that is World of Warcraft. Needless to say, this last episode 14 is full of dear memories, nostalgia and merriment. I never miss WoW more than I miss it through its music. And for once, all the Battle Bards agree.

Episode 14 show notes

  • “A Call to Arms” from World of Warcraft
  • “Elwynn Forest” from World of Warcraft
  • “The Shaping of the World” from World of Warcraft
  • “The Sin’dorei” from The Burning Crusade
  • “Castaways” from Cataclysm
  • “Mountains of Thunder” from Wrath of the Lich King
  • “Stormstout Brew” from Mists of Pandaria
  • Mailbag: Ian

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