Another Dog for your Kennel

For an early Monday morning post, there’s good news for all you WoW playing dog lovers out there:

Noticed those new mastiff hounds strolling around Gilneas or Western Plaguelands? Sad that you aren’t a hunter to tame one of them?

Well, you still get to have one of your own now by re-visiting good old Scarlet Monastery! Blizzard have changed the (rather boring) model of one of their old drops in there, namely Dog Whistle dropped by Houndmaster Loksey in the Library Wing. Nicer still: they’ve changed this item from a 3 charge use to a permanent trinket!

Naturally, all us (slightly loony) pet and bauble collectors need to have this – and your Perky Pug will be happy to get a big buddy to play with!

Cat person or not, these two (make that three if you’re actually a hunter) really look adorable together!


  1. I’m thrilled because I called this months ago, when I realised that dog models were going to replace the hyena style dogs.

    Hmm, I thought .. does that mean the dog whistle will summon a mastiff?

    I meant to head to SM and grab one for Keeva, but I never got around to it.

    Then a friend of mine told me that I was right, his whistle had turned into a trinket, and he now has a mastiff pet.

    I was very pleased with myself.

    I love mastiffs! They’ve done a great job, they look really good.

  2. @Keeva

    I hadn’t payed that item any attention in the past, simply because it was a charged thing – that’s usually where I draw the line on collecting my trifles. but then I saw a mage with a mastiff pet in SW the other night and of course, I had to know how such a thing is possible! 😉 he was nice enough to let me in, hehe..and indeed, they look cool!


    Ah, you see I’ve been a good kid and actually cleaned out my entire bank pre-Shattering, managed to free up a third of it at least. I knew I was gonna need it soon – let the cluttering begin! =P

  3. Great that they made the trinket permanent. I thought about farming one up for fun, but the three-use limit always annoyed me so I didn’t bother. Might have to pick one up now.

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