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Battle Bards – Episodes #15 and #16: Tearjerkers and AION

Adventure isn’t always about the heroic and cheerful moments. There is a time and place in games and MMOs too where we should be challenged with complex feelings and choices. And so it was my turn to come up with the next Battle Bards topic for episode 15, scaring off my co-hosts in the process; Tearjerkers, or rather sad melodies, proved to be a tough nut to crack for the bards. What constitutes emotional music? Does it make you feel misty eyed or gloomy, melancholic or wistful? Once we started asking these questions, episode 15 opened the door to a wide variety of thoughts and ideas and personally, I think everyone did just fine coming up with interesting picks for this show!

Episode #15 – Tearjerkers OR Direct Download


Episode 15 show notes

  • “Intro Cinematic” from Blade & Soul
  • “Forgotten Sorrow (in-game piano version)” from Aion
  • “Sorrowful Lamentations of a Rusty Heart” from Rusty Hearts
  • “Ul’dah Town Theme at Night” from Final Fantasy XIV
  • “The Sea of Sorrows” from Guild Wars 2
  • “Shadow Kingdom” from Asheron’s Call 2
  • “Arthas, My Son” from World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Two weeks later we returned to the more sunny and nostalgic side of things with episode 16, talking all things AION with much support from Steff, the only Battle Bard with actual AION experience. This soundtrack features a lot of surprises, epic scale and dramatic choirs – almost a bit too much in places (for me anyway), but we still managed to cover a variety of different themes (we hope!). The tower of eternity is definitely a soundtrack worth exploring at length!

Episode #16 – AION OR Direct Download

Episode 16 show notes

  • “Utopia 3.0 main theme”
  • “Tower of Eternity”
  • “Song of Katalam / 4.0 login”
  • “Fortress of Gods”
  • “Death Waltz”
  • “Steel Rake”
  • “Canyon”