Time flies. It’s been three years now that I haven’t mustered the energy or courage to return to this blog. I’d like to think that real life has kept me rather busy, which is true, but the star of MMO gaming has also waned for me these past years as it has for many. The blogroll needs updating as several long standing bloggers have disappeared in the meantime. As I went through the list this morning, my eyes fell on Psychochild’s blog with sadness; I realize his blog is offline now but I do not have the heart to remove the link. I miss his voice in the community, he was one of my oldest blogging buddies.

All the more I rejoice in the fact that quite a few have kept true to their usual busy schedule – Syp, Bhagpuss, Telwyn, Shintar and Wilhelm to name a few. For those who follow the Battle Bards, there have been no breaks or hiatuses since we started in April 2013. That is something I am proud of and Syp has never failed to remind me that my blog awaits. I am glad that my little corner of the internet still stands and that I’ve never made grand gestures of departure.

2020 wasn’t my favorite year for obvious reasons but it’s brought back some introspection and the mind for doing creative things. I even started painting again and of course my absence (some 15 years) from the medium shows. They say creative skill is like a muscle and so I will hang in there and make it a more regular exercise. The same goes for writing of which I am doing a lot more again and it feels good.

So, here’s to a year of more writing, blogging, painting and drawing as well as spending more time outdoors again and hopefully being freed of pandemic scares. Happy New Year to all of you who are still lurking out there in the shadows!

Happy Monty in the snow


  1. Welcome back! This is why I rarely remove any dormant blogs from my blog roll. You never know when one will spark back into life.

    I think the supposed decrease in interest in mmorpgs is overstated. The games themselves seem as busy or even busier than ever. I just think blogs aren’t the main medium people playing them use to talk about them any more. And of the bloggers who do still play, many have been at it for more than a decade now. You can only sustain enthusiasm for a new hobby for so long.

    Blogging, on the other hand, is a hobby for some and a way of life for others. If the desire to write about mmorpgs wanes then there are always other things to write about instead. There’s a lot of that going on.

    1. Thanks Bhag! 😀 I feel there’s a big change underway right now on social media such as twitter but also so-called news platforms, due to the political climate and the ramp-up of censorship and data collection. Personal blogs might very well see a revival in the coming years, it sure wouldn’t surprise me.

      And you’re quite right, always good to keep the blogroll active as long as people havent completely deleted / lost their domains. You never know who comes back, hehe…

  2. It was a pleasant surprise to see a post from you show up on Feedly this morning. Welcome back. I always enjoy it if bloggers broaden the scope of their writing, so if you do so then that’s cool. Don’t forget you can promote your posts on the Blaugust Discord server. There’s still a nice little community ticking over there.

    1. Thanks Roger, I’ll check it out! And I definitely intend to broaden the topics from now on, the intent is to blog more regularly again, games or no. 🙂

  3. Hey hey, nice to see you write something more long-form again (though I have of course been following your tweeting and ongoing supply of cute pet pics).

    I also thought of you when the latest SWTOR update included a character called Syl. ? (She’s a redhead though.)

    1. Hey Shintar! lovely to hear from you.
      Haha a red-head, yeah that doesnt quite cut it anymore although I have at one point in my life gone red (it was very high maintenance!) =D

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