For National Poetry Day: To Steam

To Steam

“When in disgrace with gaming and press hypes,
I all alone peruse thy endless list of tags
And trouble aging friends with early access gripes
And look upon my log and curse my slack,
Wishing me back to days of simpler choice,
Of fewer desires and more fulfilling quests,
Desiring this game’s art and that game’s poise,
With what I most enjoy presented least;
Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising,
I ponder rows of boxes, broken dreams
Acquired dearly (with no hopes arising
For fixes or for more connected means).
– Such sweet, convenient comforts well recalled
I loathe to change my state for days of old!”

(Based on Sonnet #29.)


  1. lol well done, much awesomeness! – I found it was actually really tricky with my xmas poem matching the tempo and flow when basing things on other works too.

    1. Haha thanks, it was fun to write but also rather impossible – as you said, following an original’s form can be tough and sonnet 29 has a particularly chaotic syntax, alas! =D

  2. Most likely both of these are somehow influenced from “To Isengard” by JRR Tolkien.

    You can find a rather nice version on the link below although it won’t suit everyone’s taste. would be great if it had on-screen-lyrics although i cannot find a NOT-Live version with lyrics

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