So Amazon is Making an MMORPG

You might have heard by now that Amazon Game Studios, yes from that Amazon, have finally revealed three major game projects currently in the works: a MOBA title, a sports brawler and god help us all, a sandbox MMORPG called “New World”!

Amazon is Making an MMORPG

Internet retail giant or not, I was more than a little stunned to hear Amazon chose to take on the plague that is MMOs for their debut in video game development. Haven’t they heard there’s no money in MMOs these days – or do they know something we don’t? The project sounds ambitious enough judging from the marketing blurb and early sneak-peeks, but I’m with Endgame Viable here that it’s all buzz words at this point, from the “open ended sandbox” to “emergent gameplay” promises. I’m also not remotely interested in in-built twitch features but that’s me.

Still, along with Sypster and Mersault, part of me is excited to hear there’s a new player on the MMO market and one with unlimited funds at that. New World present a new hope, something to look forward to with some curiosity, whatever your reservation. It’s also good to hear there’s veteran developers on board, given things weren’t always looking that rosy at Amazon’s game division.

In this current dried out landscape of AAA MMO titles to look forward to (thanks Blizzard and SOE!), New World sounds like a mythical beast right now. I’m not going to get my hopes up but it’s fair to say I am intrigued – and I will be following things much more closely from here!


  1. Not sure why we need “AAA” MMOs all of a sudden. It seems like no time ago the solution to the supposed (imagined in my opinion) malaise was for MMOs to go back to being “niche”.

    Personally I still favor niche although I’m sure Amazon will come up with something nice and commercial that we’ll all get a good month out of before we go back to whatever we were playing before.

    1. Jeap….I know we don’t really need more unhappy AAA compromise in the world – and yet, everytime I hear someone is going full-scale MMO with big budget (which usually means beautiful grafX and music for me) my olde heart still does a little jump in my chest. 😉

  2. I read “murderous player bandits” and instantly knew it’s not the game or MMO for me.

    It might be a good spectator sport game though, is what I’m reading from most of these announced titles. Watch someone else play (and risk suffering) on your behalf and troll/laugh at them in Twitch when the inevitable happens.

    In the meantime, they themselves don’t mind because they’re earning real monies through donations.

    I guess we know where all the Anet devs went. Musta been like, “Ok, we’re tired of pushing community and cooperation on these unpleasant players” for years, time to enable their bloodthirst and kill each other off.

    1. ROFL….there may be some GW2 frustration there! x)
      Well, we’ll see what happens – if it’s a pure PvP game that would surprise me a bit.

      1. Rumor mill word is that ex-Anet devs are mostly on Crucible. There will be the innovative angle of the 13th player creating events and how the Twitch viewers will interact to look forward to.

        Still isn’t my type of game (to play) though. Sounds very Mafia/Werewolf/Hunger Games type of FFA with alliances and betrayal, cooperation with competition mixed in.

        If it doesn’t suck, it sounds very watchable though. I’d watch Twitch/Youtube/game celebrities off each other quite happily

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