Me right now.

Between playing the wonderful FFXIV and BDO, two games that complement each other very well, and so many Steam titles waiting to be explored, I feel a little overwhelmed by you right now, 2016!

I didn’t find a minute to play The Division yet or Firewatch. Then there’s Stardew Valley which looks addictive and cute and No Man’s Sky appears to hit PC way sooner than I expected. What a fantastic year so far, especially for explorers (I guess for the others too, I’m not paying attention). Where will I ever find the time??


    1. Heh am sure I will sooner or later! It looks like a lot of fun, I used to love animal crossing and everyone says it’s a mixture of that and harvest moon!

  1. Not having found a minute to play Firewatch is pretty telling, as it’ll only take slightly longer than that to finish it.

    /snark /snark /snark

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