Celebrity Lookalikes in Black Desert: I am Scared

Since the character creator for Black Desert Online is such a powerful tool, the community has naturally started to create all sorts of lookalikes of famous and not-so famous people. The recently recovered BDO Templates page (which was hacked because someone always needs to ruin the fun for others) has a dedicated section just for this purpose, although results vary greatly in quality. Still, some of the templates bear a striking resemblance to the original –


From left to right: Michael Jackson, Kate Beckinsale, Sean Bean

While I don’t expect a great number of these to be adopted for real when the game comes out, it scares me a little to think I might meet Donald Trump (ew) or Michael Jackson in a dark alley. I would also rather not be joined by Jessica Rabbit and Miley Cyrus while hunting trolls in the field. How is that for immersion? Bizarre.

P.S. I tried to create Arya Stark for myself last night, it’s not quite simple!


  1. I’ve seen the Michael Jackson one, that’s awesome. Scary as hell, but well done. 🙂 It’s actually quite difficult to get a really different face while fighting the character creator.

    1. Yes it is! That’s why I found it helps a great deal to use one of the custom templates and take it from there. The sorceress is particularly hard to alter, I find.
      I would love a randomize option in the creator but then again, it might create too many hideous looks!

    1. Heheh well, let’s say there’s more in my huntress (post will go up today) in BDO than there’s ever been in any other MMO char. 🙂 I don’t have freckles…but otherwise.

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