Pre-Order Ordeal: Overwatch and Black Desert

In this crazy month of November, I couldn’t even catch up with all the games if I wanted to. First, there’s that FFXIV 3.1 patch packed with new content; I’ve just spent two delightful nights playing through the Void Ark and Maiden’s Rhapsody questlines, squealing like a fangirl because epic FF7 and FF11 nostalgia! I would also really like to advance my Wildstar housing project but ever since re-subbing in September, I have barely touched the game. Instead, I sank hours into the coop frenzy of Vermintide, with some Undertale on the side. I gave Telltale’s Minecraft Storymode a shot too but got so appalled at the lazy cliched writing and slow, dumbed down gameplay, I got it refunded on Steam after one hour. And now that Fallout 4 is out, I don’t see myself going near another new title anytime soon.


Guess who’s back

Of course that doesn’t mean I can’t pre-order more games though, right? Ahem. Blizzard got me and damn my weakness – looking at the Overwatch deals after Blizzcon (for some reason I recall there were three?), I decided that I really couldn’t live without Black Widow’s alternative costume. I always knew I was going to get Overwatch, so why the hell not – the game is already a safe bet in my book. That way, I don’t have to remember to get it when the time comes and I’m totally not rationalizing.

Now word has reached me about the Black Desert pre-order bundles which I didn’t expect to see so soon. The game will be buy-to-play and while I am mighty curious (mostly because I want to spend hours on the character creation screen), I am torn on pre-ordering this one. For one thing, I am still very glad I never bought into ArchAge at the time, considering what went down there. For another, my backers purchase for Landmark stings me to this day (I am cheap, I hate bad buys). Granted, the Black Desert page seems very transparent and comprehensive where the different goodies are concerned – still, I think I will hold off no matter the temptation.

I see myself spending some time in BD when it comes out but it’s doubtful I am ever going to live there and care enough to get virtual property and start caring for collectibles like pets and mounts. (Who am I kidding – my home lies firmly in Eorzea. And a good thing too.) In truth I fully expect this new MMO to do a lot of horrible stuff in the mid-and longterm, starting with the type of grind we’re so used to by Korean titles. Also, I don’t think I have it in me these days to pre-order MMORPGs; given how this genre requires players to spend weeks before they can possibly make up their mind, isn’t it almost counter-intuitive to do so?

P.S. It is entirely possible I will have pre-ordered Black Desert before the weekend. I have a horrible track record where new MMO resolutions are concerned!


  1. Black Desert looks interesting but the combat is completely wrong for me so I’ll probably skip it. I certainly won’t be pre-ordering.

    I did pre-order the EQ2 expansion, though, and that went live today. Already been in and had a quick look around and took a load of screenshots. I like pre-orders and pre-purchases. It’s fun to pay upfront for things and bask in the warm glow of knowing they’re waiting for you all paid for and ready to go. I thought Landmark was good value too. I certainly got my money’s worth. I would love to go and play some more – was thinking about it only the other day – but there just isn’t enough time to play all the things – actually there isn’t enough time to play 0.01% of the things!

  2. I am being IP blocked from Black Desert as far as I know so that game go die in a fire for its backwards server and customer choices 😀

    That being said I couldn’t ever justify pre ordering a game that has been ported to another country. It takes more than the release date to make the game worth playing – Archeage is getting there but still they have a load of voice overs that are in Korean and while I think its kinda neat to get the different language its also very poor polish.

    I cant recall an mmo game that launched without a huge amount of down time with endless patches so its best to leave them a few months to bake some stability in.

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