My Playstyle Profile according to Quantic Foundry [#Blaugust 9]

Over at comeback blog Stylish Corpse, the delightful Ysharros linked her Quantic Foundry player profile for blaugust, a survey which I have meant to take for a while. Like many MMO players I’ve taken the Bartle test in the past which was very accurate for me, as long as you rely on such results with some care.


My Bartle profile

I was as shocked as the next person about my achiever stat….

Art Technica calls the Quantic Foundry test “gaming’s version of the Myers-Briggs test” which I have taken as well several times in the past and reliably scored the same. Quantic Foundry introduces 6 parameters rather than Bartle’s four playstyles, with the notable additions of the “immersion playstyle” and “mastery” one, which I feel were the least accounted for by Bartle. Naturally, there’s plenty of overlap otherwise between the two.

“The quick quiz doesn’t do a perfect job of capturing the wide variety of gaming motivations; as Ars’ Sam Machkovech put it, the quiz “asked a lot of questions that didn’t match up with my preferences, particularly puzzle and couch multiplayer stuff.” That said, the six-pronged matrix of scores does seem to do a decent job breaking down a participant’s tastes and how they might overlap with other gamers.” [source]

Same as for Bartle, no player is purely defined by their strongest interest or inclination and all tests fall short including everyone and everything. What they can absolutely do is illustrate the differences between yourself and the next person and maybe clear a few things up – like why you hate questing with your significant other.


My QF gamer score

I quite like the insight provided by the survey. At first I was slightly surprised at the 39% I scored for immersion; I care a great deal about the setting, world, aesthetic and theme in MMOs. However at the same time, I am also very “grounded in the gameplay mechanics” as their guide calls the non-immersive player type and I am not exactly a lore-junkie.

My results also illustrate well that I need to be excited – I’m an explorer and designer but I love fast-paced action and some competition too. Stuff that requires a quick reaction time and some strategy (not too much micro-management, mind) gives me a rush. After all I raided for quite some time in the past. I just don’t care much about whether I am the best relatively speaking or about having the most or doing everything. I don’t need that pressure from games.

You can take the QF test over here if you feel bored this fine Sunday or are looking for something else to blog about for blaugust (or in general)! There’s no requirement to sign up in order to get your results. If someone scores completely differently from what they expected, I’d love to hear about that.


  1. Don’t tell him, but questing with my SO makes me want to shoot someone. 😛 We have totally different paces, we do totally different things, and he lacks my paranoid sense of what’s around me which makes my brain itch.

    He’ll stop in the middle of a dense spawn zone to rearrange his bags, for instance. I know it makes no difference, we can beat whatever spawns, but in my head it’s OMG WHY DID YOU STOP THERE WE COULD HAVE RUN 80 YARDS THAT WAY AND TAKE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD THERE SEE THEY’RE SPAWNING AGAIN AND WE HAVE TO KILL THEM NOW, NOW LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!!

    Ahem. Calm now.

  2. Honestly I don’t really like questing with ANYONE. Dungeons… raids… world bosses… those are awesome opportunities to group with people. Questing however is me time, because I want to do it at my pace and in my style without having to feel like I am dragging other people along with me.

    1. I am the same way, though some games lend themselves better to questing with friends. The Burning Crusade was a lot better in a group, for instance.

    2. Agreed. It doesn’t lend itself nearly as well to coop play as dungeons or raids. I guess that’s also why many MMOs gave up group and elite quests over time.

  3. i’ve already done that one…my profile says:

    you’re the slayer of immortals and connoisseur of their blonde virgins eternal lamenting.

  4. I can’t post by QF score because I didn’t register, but the graph looks a bit like a moustache, with two elongated triangles pointing at “immersion” and “social” and not much else, haha.

    Highlights are that I got 2% on achievement, 3% on action, 92% on community and 94% on fantasy…

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