Lamenting Cover Art [#Blaugust 27]

Coming across an amazing Castlevania cover the other day on twitter, it hit me how much I miss the old game covers for videogames. I remember how we revered those boxes of nes and snes titles in the early days – how bold and colorful and over-the-top epic many of them were!


What happened? Okay, for one we entered the digital age of gaming. I admit I don’t miss the dust settling on rows of physical game copies. Still, I appreciate great concept art for games, posters, teasers, thumbnails in my Steam gallery. There’s no reason why digital gaming should go coverless, is there? Elaborate covers are a chance to tell a story within mere seconds. Like a main theme, they can sell a promise and herald things to come. They are someone’s vision of what the game should be, could be. They are distilled like poetry.


Do not even attempt to compare this to WoW cover art.

But who has time for poetry these days?


    1. Depends….I think there’s a version where Amano did his usual thing which is cool, but the rest are just lazy character screenshots of this guy or that guy?

    1. I guess. Can’t say I like most wallpapers either lol. I mean…cover art for me needs to be more than arrangements of screenshots or the main character in front of a lens flared background. x) There’s still great concept art tho if one can find it.

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