You know Nothing, Jon Snow

At the verge of 2014, my MMO plans for the upcoming year looked vaguely like this:

3. Archage / Skyforge huh?
4. probably not Warlords of Draenor
5. certainly not Wildstar

Here’s proof.
One month, a couple of first-hand experiences and developer updates later, the list goes as follows:

1. Wildstar
3. maybe Warlords of Draenor (oh my god)
4. TESO when it goes free to play
5. whatever

…So, what am I playing this year?
Ask me again in six months!



  1. Oh yes, I have a history of “MMO Outlook for Year 20XX” where I say what I think I am going to play, which often end up with very little resemblance to what I actually end up playing. I lie to myself about what I want, but my actions tell the truth. I can’t bring myself to play a game I do not like, no matter how much I want to like it.

    Of course, I have also gone very conservative in my tastes of late, sticking mostly with the 10 year old game (EVE) and the 9 year old game (WoW) for the last few months. We shall see if anything coming up will break my current march towards Draenor.

    1. I am still highly ambivalent about resurrecting my old wow account. I quit WoW for good and I tend to be final….but the blogosphere has a way of creeping up on you. 🙂 I wonder how long it will take until I’m ready again for oldschool, after games like GW2 and WS my mood might swing back.

      And I hear you about not bringing yourself to like something. I had the exact feeling after TESO and WS beta: I expected TESO to be more dated and WS to be highly polished – so who am I kidding? I always play the polished games. I can’t abide less, no matter how much I want to.

  2. Ha ha! I totally understand. Right now WildStar and Warlords of Draenor just switch continually between 1 and 2, which is weird for me.

    Honestly though I woke up this morning thinking, “I should play more SWTOR” so clearly my brain does not know what’s up either.

      1. Hey! I’m playing SWTOR at the moment and enjoying it!

        It probably helps that I still had 7 of the 8 class stories to complete, but I’ve been enjoying the gameplay too – even if it is defiantly old school compared to the likes of GW2. It IS Star Wars, and gets the feel just right at times. For example, I definitely felt like a legitimate bad-ass Sith the first time I got to use Force Choke on an enemy in combat 🙂

  3. Is WildStar having an open beta? I didn’t even apply for Closed Beta because I found the application process off-puttingly self-important and officious.

    I want to try it before I write it off altogether but everything I have read and watched suggests I would find the action combat absolutely unbearable.

    1. I have a post coming up about the combat but I’m not sure how well i can talk about it under the current NDA. most likely, you won’t like it though 😀
      I don’t know about public beta – seems like the game has been under closed beta forever.

  4. That’s a heck of a swap and from first hand impressions no less, Jewel and I talked about that today. I really wish TESO did more to fix that. There’s a lot riding on the game, publisher-wise. Can’t they get the “dud you got a Dell” guy to help wit PR?

    1. It’s not a PR issue for me. I am one of those who have greatly looked forward to TESO and in fact been cheering for it despite all negative media hype (like that Forbes article which I still think is wrong; it’s the wrong reasons to attack TESO). however, nothing beats first hand impressions and I’m sorry to say, many of the outraged forum voices have it right and these aren’t issues you can fix until April, either. =/ all that said, don’t listen to others as long as you haven’t had a chance to play it yourself. give it the chance it deserves (I will too once more).

  5. TESO was first in my list too Syl until they decided it is a good idea to sell a Race and also mess up the factions with pre-order bonuses…I mean, selling a race in a subscription game is terrible. 2 months before release, not only they did not removed the NDA, but they also start milking players/fans with pre-orders and collectors edition…What are they drinking? And the game is supposed to focus on RvRvR with 3 Faction alliances that supposed to “hate” each other..

    Imagine for example wow say that you cannot play Blood Elfs characters unless you get the Collectors edition of the game(20-30 more bucks). Also if you pre-order you can play Human/Dwarfes for example in Horde side..

    Sorry dudes, if I am going to pay 20-30 bucks on top of the standard game purchase to play my favorite race on my favorite faction, then I ll do that on a f2p game or to your game when it goes f2p… and it will go…trying to milk the most you can before even tell us what exactly you are selling(NDA) show us how you are trusting your product…and I am the guy who prefers sub games over f2p, but not yours..not after the stupid CE/preorder bonus

    1. Jep, I don’t like it either. CEs are about unnecessary fluff for me, especially non-digital fluff. I’m okay with non-combat pets or cosmetics added on top but races go to far for me as well. Some players argue that races are just cosmetic anyway In ESO – but then, am not sure I wanna play a game where race choice is merely cosmetic.

  6. If I play WoD, it’ll be after I level a new toon up to 90, as is my tradition. Given that it took me the better part of a year to do that, I’m sure that it’ll take even longer the next time around. Who knows, maybe the “next” expac after WoD will be announced and in beta by the time I get to Draenor 2.

  7. I don’t even bother to think about titles that are still under NDA these days. I’ve got enough real games I can play right now, I’ll worry about the hypothetical new stuff when I can hear about them from regular players.

    1. Looking at my Steam library, I probably should as well. I am not playing any MMOs at the moment though and….I can’t help it, I already miss them! 😀

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