Battle Bards – Episode #7: City Themes

swtownIn this lucky seventh episode of Battle Bards, Syff, Step and myself are rambling about all things MMO city/town music and why we all hate the Stormwind theme! We also find out that Steff actually says “SWOH-TOHR” for SWTOR (I know, silly right?) and that I am apparently incapable of pronouncing Lineage correctly…I did give it my best shot towards the end of the show though!

Episode picks:

  • “Coruscant” from Star Wars: The Old Republic (comp. Lennie Moore)
  • “Stormwind” from World of Warcraft (comp. Jason Hayes)
  • “Imperial Square” from Allods Online (comp. Vladislav Isaev, Mark Morgan)
  • “Meridian” from RIFT (comp. Inon Zur)
  • “Seville” from Uncharted Waters Online (comp. Kazunori Miyake)
  • “Crossroad at Dawn” from Lineage II (comp. Bill Brown, Inon Zur)
  • “Kingdom of Light” from Aion (comp. Yang Bang-Ean)

There are cookies hidden in this episode! Also, we apologize for the overall sound quality this time around; Syp lives in a country where they’ve only just discovered electricity. As always, thanks for leaving us your feedback and don’t be shy on rating the show sometime!


    1. Especially since that first ‘O’ is coming out of nowhere! 😛 if at all, say “SWTOHR”! #pedantry

  1. Sorry to break it to you, but Swoh-Tohr is totally the official fan pronunciation. 😛 Was very happy to see you finally discuss a track from “my” game though! Interesting that you felt it didn’t fit the planet, because to me it really does. Just listening to it immediately makes me picture all the sky cars…

    Also amused by all the Stormwind hate, as for me it’s one of my favourite WoW tracks. But then my first char was a human and I remember hearing the music as I stepped onto that bridge for the first time and the massive awe it inspired in me. First impressions and all. 😉

    1. Hmm wait, is that really the first SWTOR track we discussed? we will definitely do a dedicated SWTOR show sometime. I actually look forward to that, it’s one of the games where I need to still study the OST a lot more.

      And yeah, I think I probably didn’t hate SW as much the first few times around either. the hate is something that increased over time, methinks (is there a word for reversed acquired taste?). 😀

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