Battle Bards – Episodes #5 & #6: Guild Wars 2 and Wildstar

For those who have noticed MMO Gypsy looking slightly different over the past few days, the blog was undergoing some scrutiny by the hoster due to recent commenting issues (readers reporting that comments were lost to 404 errors). The good news: this issue appears to be fixed now! Hooray!


Since my last musical reporting, the Battle Bards have ventured forth once more – nay in fact twice more – waxing lyrical on the beautiful soundtrack of Guild Wars 2 and more recently on the exciting genre fusion that makes the music in upcoming AAA-MMORPG Wildstar. It is a particularly interesting challenge to talk about tracks before a game has even released, being unable to place them inside the game. Do we even dare to assess a soundtrack without first-hand knowledge of the complete opus?

Well, we sure did and being offered the great opportunity to have composer Jeff Kurtenacker on the podcast, we made sure to get as much info on the creative process of scoring for Wildstar as possible! Not just that, Jeff introduced two to-that-date unreleased tracks on the show which proved to be my personal favorites – so make sure to check out Episode #6 for some exclusive Wildstar teasin’!


  1. Syl, if it makes you feel any better, I do know Karl Jenkins and Adiemus! I have the first Adiemus album, and I’ve gotten Karl’s “Diamond Music” CD from the library several times. I do agree with you that Karl’s Palladio –the one most people in the U.S. associate with DeBeers’ Diamonds commericals– has that same feel in the GW2 piece you were talking about.

    Now, having heard enough about GW2, I may have to check it out after all.

    1. Yay, I knew it hehe! ^^ it’s a great track that one, definitely an alltime fav of mine.
      and you absolutely need to check out the entire GW2 OST, it’s stellar!

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