Battle Bards – Episode #4: Lord of the Rings Online with Chance Thomas

It doesn’t happen every day that you get the opportunity to not only get together with other soundtrack geeks but such illustrious guests as Chance Thomas, composer for the official LOTRO OST and many beloved a LOTRO tune out there. It was particularly hard to come up with favorite picks for this show! Thankfully, Chance had insights and anecdotes to share in abundance (even for those tracks composed mainly by Steve DiGregorio), so it was with a sad heart that we called an end to such a wonderful session after one and a half hours. For those of you looking to read more about Chance Thomas’ work, be sure to check out his official homepage and also his fascinating Gamasutra feature I mention at the beginning of this episode.


This Episode #4 will always have a special place in our three hosts’ hearts, I am sure – and we’ll be putting effort into presenting you with more such interesting interviews in the future! For those of you wondering what happened to our elusive fourth host Dodge (as mentioned in previous shows), the Battle Bards are happy to confirm that we’ll be remaining a “golden trio” after all! Many thanks to all of you who have been listening to and supporting this geeky project so far; we appreciate the re-tweets, iTunes ratings and reviews. Every episode is a learning process we enjoy a great deal and we’ve got plenty more goodness in store for you!

Fellow Podcasts Shout-out

Following in Syp’s footsteps, a quick shout-out to some of our fellow blogger and podcasting friends in the closer MMO blogosphere, bringing delightful geekiness to our iPods and other mobile devices week after week! Fun podcasts on our favorite topic aren’t easy to come by, so thanks and keep rolling guys!



      1. Yes, they did!

        When Lonelands popped on, my oldest was jumping up and down saying “I love that music!” And when Trollshaws came up, she said that the music and the place is awesome, until you run into your first troll. “You can’t kill them when you’re at level,” she said.

        And yes, there were a lot of insights into the music that they liked, especially the part about the suite for each race influencing the music.

      2. Great – I got a lot of similar feedback about Lonelands, hehe 🙂
        I’ve been sad in trollshaws of late though, Lotro in general seems bugged for music since the patch few weeks ago. I can ride through an entire zone and never hear anything :(((
        worse, I can’t hear my own player music. hope they fix this soon!

      3. So it’s not just you, then! The mini-Reds were complaining about that, and I was going to see about performing some repairs to see if that fixed things.

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