GW2: Will WvW be the next Alterac Valley?

I realized that my last two post titles were rhetorical questions both – time for a real one then.

All WoW PvP veterans would agree that the golden age of Alterac Valley lies in vanilla; when the battles between the horde and alliance would last for days, mighty allies would be summoned to the cause and the Field of Strife was soaked with the blood of countless enemies. Okay, there were actually a few who complained about the long duration and queues – but those are people who want to do quests in a BG and ninja-pull Drek’Thar. Through the ages, no other battleground in WoW has undergone so many traumatic changes; for players today the days of AV greatness remain but a distant memory or a sad legend told by their friends.

One of GW2’s possibly most alluring features is the epic World vs World PvP mode where hundreds(!) of players from three different servers will lay siege to one another on a large scale map. ArenaNet has announced that these type of conflicts can last up to two weeks, with only a few minutes of downtime in between battles to update the server rankings. Players of level 1-80 will be able to participate and join at any given time, anyone below max level will receive a level/stat boost to match a level 80 character. There are objectives for any type of play-style, from solo ventures to more coordinated mass assaults.

Does all this information not make your heart jump wildly in your chest?

With another press beta NDA lifted this week, we received another wave of GW2 echoes by the select and important. Me, I was only ears for the Massively article on WvW by Matt Daniel – a most exhilarating read. It is very hard not to feel incredibly pumped for GW2 PvP at this point! Just to highlight a few passages (you should really read the full article!) –

Let’s get one thing out of the way for the people with short attention spans: I had a blast. For quite some time I have lamented the lack of meaningful player-vs-player combat in modern MMOs. I’ve gotten tired of PvP being relegated to self-contained battlegrounds and arenas that have no impact on the greater world, and most attempts at world PvP tend either to flounder out once the majority of the population have leveled past the zone in which the PvP objectives are located or to become dominated by max-level characters to the exclusion of all others. Guild Wars 2‘s WvW solves this problem beautifully by…..
“I would have to say, however, that the absolute best part of my time in WvW was being involved in a fortress siege. Madness! Sweet, glorious havoc! Catapults fired everywhere while castle defenders rained hell from the battlements and the infantry of both sides duked it out in front of the keep’s gates. It was one of the most intense, edge-of-my-seat experiences I’ve had in quite some time, and I absolutely can’t wait to do it again.”

Madness and havoc! Two of my favorite PvP words!
And might we dare it? Might we hope to see the glory of old AV days return in Guild Wars 2?

Maybe it’s time to bring out our old battle standards. What say you, fellow PvP veterans?


  1. Oh Syl, that link text made me literally laugh out loud. 🙂

    My favorite bit about WvW is that there are so many different ways to approach it. Lowbies can run supplies for their team or gank the other side’s supply runs. You have people firing trebuchets and folks at the other end doing spotting and aiming. You could have a little elite squad that sneaks over to the opponent’s lumber mills or smaller fortresses and retake them while they’re occupied with defending their main keep.

    Add in a little guild pride (“This is OUR CASTLE NOW!”) and you have a potentially delicious recipe for PvP fun.

    Oh, dammit, now look. I have my hopes up about a new game again! /shake fist

    1. Haha!! well, in a way it’s only fair – I discovered the Massively article reading your post and got all pumped and hypey, so now you have to share my predicament! 😛

      It all sounds SO SHWEEEEEEEET!
      and yes, imagine your guild group controlling a base for days and days! or the type of cross-server competition and little feuds this might bring! if all turns out as hoped for, this could be huge.

  2. I loved AV back in Vanilla, I really hope WvWvW encapsulates that feeling of being on a battlefield again…curse you…getting my hopes up when I was promised myself I would not get psyched for another game.

    1. i’ll start a necro guild where only that built is allowed. we’re gonna swarm you suckers and eat you all alive.

  3. The great thing about WvW is that if you decide it’s the only thing you want to do then you can spend your entire time doing just that. Once you’ve finished the introductory quest in the real world you can head to the city, jump through the portal and enter WvW. You’re sidekicked up to 80, you gain gold and experience while you’re there and you’re helping your guild earn influence.

    And yes, it feels like classic Alterac Valley, only with battles lasting two weeks and the whole thing having a grander, larger feel. With Wintergrasp style destroyable gates and walls, plus siege engines with an incredible range, the game style is very absorbing. Plus trebuchets can throw poisoned cows…

    1. Indeed, no need to ever PVE in GW2 unless you don’t want to. Although I assume you would want to get some dungeon gear for this at some point, since gear is not leveled in WvW as it is for the small group PvP. or is there any info on specific WvW rewards and “sets”?

      The scale and potential epicness of it has me all jumpy; I have to tell myself to keep cool and not expect too much or the fall will be incredibly deep!

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