Happy Monday

I admit I’m not a Monday person. Nor a morning person for that matter. Mornings are for other people. Still, do you need to draw such a sour face? They’re everywhere on my way to work – on the streets, in the bus, as I climb the stairs to my soon-to-be-quit office. Grumpy faces. Nobody smiles anymore, do you notice? Even when it’s the weekend or after-work, people are so dead serious everywhere, you could think they’re all dealing with highly important matters of gravity or are on their way to a funeral. Way to make my morning worse.

Seriously folks, lighten up! Try to smile a little more. I hear it’s healthy. Shake your body to that music in your ears sometime, whistle a tune, laugh about a joke real loud. There’s something strangely infectious about a merry mood. Happy Monday everybody!


  1. Hear Hear!

    Let’s try this one … “If you see someone without a smile today – give them one of yours”.

    So here is one of mine for all those people who have trouble smiling on a beautiful, crisp (but bloody cold) morning … *SMILE*

    Hugs, Seph xx

  2. @Sephrenya
    It’s bloody cold here too, but the sun is just breaking through and turning this into a sunny November day. I’m not a winter person (besides Mondays and mornings andandand..), so that alone puts me in a good mood! =)

    I’ve tried animating people at the bus stop to do the boogie with me; they gave me funny looks!

    LOL, working as intended! 😉

  3. Seems you came back at about the time I went away, so I missed your grand return. Welcome back! You’ve been missed. I’m looking forward to catching up on your posts later today.

  4. Well, I think I’m entitled to a wee bit of grumpiness this morning, as I was up most of the night sick, and I had a dentist’s appointment this morning where he told me I might need another root canal. It’s a lousy day.

    …but hey, it should get better from that baseline, right?

  5. @stubborn
    Yeah, it appears hiatuses have been frequent in the blogosphere lately. Thanks very much and welcome back to you too! 🙂

    Dentists – ouch!! I let you off, no discussion. Maybe my next post can even cheer you up a bit, we’ll see, hehe..

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