Playing WoW on Arcade – Yes, really

Ever wondered how WoW might play as an arcade lightgun shooter?

No? What’s wrong with you?

Epic! They even copied the spell icons, lol!
This vision is brought to you by China and their carefree interpretation of copyright.
The land where possibilities are truly unlimited; fake Apple stores are just the tip of the iceberg.
[Images taken at the GTI Expo China, 2011 – courtesy of a fellow forum member]


  1. @Ben

    DD Revolution WoW! that’s a fantastic idea! I was always rather lousy on the mat games, but I think I could do the female troll dance with ease! 😉

    Maybe you should write a post on that sometime (or have you already?)!!

  2. Haha, I don’t think I’ve ever written about it, just mentioned it a few times – possibly at various pubs 🙂 The usual reaction is *by the time I’ve reached the Boss I’ll be knackered* 😀
    But I think it’d be awesome. Maybe I should write a post 😀

  3. Who needs copyright in China?

    Also, I agree with epic.Ben. Imagine a WoW Dance machine! Getting to perform the dance of each race. Night Elf TeeeeHeeeee!

    Haha XD

    – Jamin

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