What ever happened to a/s/l?

Chatting to one of my still-WoW-playing friends the other night, particularly on the topics occupying me this previous blog-week, he shared a gem of conversation with me that he experienced some time ago on his PVP server; one example so telling it had me choking over a bowl of green curry, not the most pleasant sensation, I might add.

I know gearscore-hysteria is a big deal in WoW by now, and of course not just entirely of the player base’s own making. Yet, this was such a moment of unimagined heights that I begged him to send me the screenshots so I might share. Without further ado, this piece of interactive brilliance –

Wow…wow indeed! I admire anyone witty enough to come up with this/any kind of reply. I’m not sure my reeling mind would have recovered quite as fast.

“GS/GR/GA” – the essential 3 Gs of today’s World of Warcraft? Now you can say about good old IM/chat conduct whatever you like, “a/s/l” was at least somewhat more personal than this! GGG? – Ye gods, I’d rather be AFK!


  1. These days it would be a/s/l/m: age, sex, location, measurements. You can’t stop the attempt to quantify everything. Gearscore, bust size, whatever, just give me a number to use to call you inferior.

  2. LOL I know! x)
    I was asking myself the same – is guild rank a relevant source now for player leetness, have I missed something? maybe to some players high rank = experienced player ? bad times for the guildless..

    As for the whole “GGG”: I really hope he did just make that one up. it can’t be the established standard by now to ask for these three, surely I have not been away for that long? in any case, a particularly anxious specimen that guy!

    how about “general item lvl”? πŸ˜‰

  3. That… I just can’t believe the other person was serious. Gear score and achievement, I’ve seen both being asked before, and while think it’s somewhat stupid, I can see at least why someone would think this is could pass as a good metric.

    But…. guild level? How is that even remotely related to your expected performance? Last time I checked, there were no game-breaking performance improvements hidden in the guild perks. Unless they expect to wipe so often that they’ll need mass resurrections from everybody, in which case you’re probably better off not joining anyway.

  4. @Flosch

    I really think (hope) the guild rank has only been thrown in there for completeness’ sake; y’know, to build a happy triplet or alliteration or something…

    maybe a poet at heart! πŸ˜›

    Although you can never be sure!

  5. Wow. I’ve never had anyone ask me that before and I had no idea that others were being asked that.

    I don’t even have words!


  6. truly pitiful and yet somehow not remotely surprising. The guild level thing I ran into once or twice before too, aside from the mass rez thing, some groups insist on having a few whole-raid summons in the group. You know, because of the mass inability of half of a pug to make their own way to an instance, or accept a summon on the first 4 or so times of receiving it!!

  7. @smaken
    Exactly that! I was thinking myself, the worst part of this preparation overkill is that it’s for such a lol-boss (wtf?) !! =D

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