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The mighty Kleps had a recent topic up about how sometimes when you lose something, you’re really winning and that got me thinking deep thoughts about the duality of things, how we never quite get what we want in life and that endless, futile chase for perfection. Yep, all of that by reading one post, impressive huh? I guess that’s more a tribute to him than me though.

Lately, I am enjoying the more personal blogposts loads more than gaming news ones, although that is not to say that I’m not ever-eager to read and comment where whim strikes me and my favoured bloggers are discussing the wind of change in the world of MMOs or scrutinize design and market development. Nils is telling me too, that “as long as it’s interesting”, someone’s always going to read it – which is basically so true, but gosh, the pressure!

And I really can’t say that this is going to be an interesting post, but I have decided to keep writing anyway. The truth is, I need help for I am desperately looking for adventure – adventureS in fact, after yet another long and delightful night of book reading and not sitting at a PC. I realize that I miss stories, have been missing them for a long time and I’d really just love to play a game again that is heavy on narrative and simple, standing pictures to stir your own imagination, that one true escapism. So, I’m not thinking classic RPG here, I’m thinking back to the roots – point&click or graphical adventures with lots of text to read, choices to make and atmospheric descriptions. Monkey Island naturally springs to mind and before that a game called the Grail I used to dabble at on Atari ST and that drove me mad with frustration. It also looked like this (and I don’t mind to play something slightly better looking FYI).

Do these even get made anymore? And where would I start looking? I’ve no idea and I cringe at picking a random one from google….so your suggestions are appreciated. It seems like the only thing to do gamewise while I wait for that utopian, next AAA+ MMORPG that might never get released because all games are now MMOs and it prints money. And a good weekend to you as usual!

P.S. This article was also an excuse to post that beanstalk; I love beanstalks, don’t you?


  1. Bow before me, mortal, bow before your doom!


    Sorry, there was a fly in the room.

    Back in the day I wasted many an hour on a couple Star Trek games. You’d get a mission for a certain planet, fly to it, sometimes get attacked on the way, and then have to figure out what to do, with degrees of “success”. Such as when I accidentally killed an entire race by tinkering with the wrong equipment. Though it is 18 years old, so it might be hard to find.

  2. Seconding the Star Trek (original series) adventure game. “Star Trek 25th anniversary” or something like that.

    Also I hear that the Witcher 2 is pretty solid. It doesn’t interest me, but I’ve read a few good comments about it.

    I’d also recommend The Dig, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Syberia (1&2), Machinarium and the Indiana Jones adventure games. You can get a handful of them over on Steam:


    …yeah, I’m digging into gaming history, but it’s worth it.

    I’m in a retro mood, though. I’ve been playing more X-Com than anything else this week. Yummy yummy early 90s gaming.

  3. @Stumps
    I was actually thinking of that too! I haven’t played all the old ones when I should have, but I saw there are newer ones – think that one’s really a no-brainer (one amazon order coming up!):)

    Muahaha.. – I admit of course, I placed that comment there entirely with the desired effect of seeing you respond in such manner! keep in mind though that I did not actually say mighty in ‘which way’ (!) *evul grin* 😀

    Hmmm and I never heard of that star trek game, which is no surprise; it probably doesn’t help if I told you I hate the whole franchise? never been a trekkie, ever. 🙁 I would also prefer the game not to be sci-fi setting, if I may be so picky. it doesn’t have to be classic fantasy themed but I’d rather not have to fly around in space – although wiping out entire nations does sound tempting…

    Retro is absolutely fine with me too (as long as I own the platform to run it which is handy with PC games), thanks a lot for these recommendations! 🙂
    I am still pondering witcher 2 and I’ve actually played some Siberia 1 a long time ago. I wonder why I didn’t think of that myself, I quite enjoyed it but had no proper time (wow raiding!) then – now I do!

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