Shut up and play

I have to get something off my chest as I’ve been increasingly annoyed by certain comments from some people ever since Cataclysm launched. The posts I’m referring to are typically by ex-WoW players getting back to the game right now, the sort of more casual gamers that only show up for the first few weeks every time and bugger off to other games again after. The ones that will write how addictive and wasteful WoW is and how good it is they stopped each time they have left, and still re-subscribe for every new expansion until content becomes old and boring for them again (which happens soon).

I frequent several more general gaming boards that are crowded with re-subscribers like these and read how they publicly try to “justify” playing Cataclysm there, adding lines à la –

“Oh noes I’m such a freak, I just resubscribed to WoW! /facepalm”


“Me too, I’m so weak! But I promise it will only be for a few weeks!”


Seriously, can you people just shut up and play? Enjoy the expansion maybe and let others enjoy it? I’m all fine with people unsubscribing and re-subscribing to WoW when they feel it’s lost its glamour for them or they simply can’t find the time – I’ve been there myself. What I can’t stand is all the cliché nonsense that follows when some ex-WoW players leave the game, making a scene how much the game sucks or the people still playing it are such sad individuals….and then actually come back every time to play new expansions! If you need to act like a jerk, do me a favour and at least be consequent.

I know it’s an alien concept, but a lot of people play WoW because it’s a great game. And maybe you re-subscribed because Cataclysm looks awesome and like lots of fun. So how about leaving it at that and cut your pitiful attempts at self-redemption? It would make sharing our servers with the likes of you much more pleasant.

It might sound weird (though I’m sure many WoW players out there know exactly of what I speak), but “visitors” like these make me feel like I am hosting guests in my home who sit on my chairs, drink my wine and eat food at my table and then smash the bowls after they’re fed up, ruin the carpet and kick the cat on their way out. The sole difference being that the lock on that door ain’t mine – more’s the pity.

Or in short: Just shut up and play Cata, mkay?


  1. I totally agree. Never understood people who, in game, have said things like “oh god I am so bored right now” or “wow, this game sucks” or “this is such a waste of time”. My answer is always “and who is forcing you to play?”. I don’t expect everyone to love WoW as much as I do, but who’s the stupid guy – the one who spends money on playing something he likes, or the guy who spends money playing something he doesn’t like and complains about it while doing it?

    I think they just want to excuse themselves. You know when people say “oh god I hate Britney Spears!” but secretly dance to her Toxic. Just think that when you’re whining in game, you’re talking to the wrong audience.

  2. Will you be mad at me if I chose not to return to WoW this time, and chose to blog about the fact that I am not returning and why I am not retuning?

  3. Will you be mad at me if I chose not to return to WoW this time, and chose to blog about the fact that I am not returning and why I am not retuning?

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