How to track down an Orc mage

I guess most of you have had some guild achievements flashing up on your screen the past weeks since Cataclysm launched and maybe you’ve shared my feeling of “wut? what happened there?”, followed by trying to find out who did what exactly and what reward the guild might have got.

The new guild perks system is a double-edged blade: not only due to the guild size issue, but overall it feels very underwhelming to see flashy pop-ups coming up ever so often, without having been part of anything – frankly the guild part of the achievement is lost on me there. I know I’m not alone in this, many guildies feel excluded when one, dedicated “achievement hunting team” goes out on the very first days of the expansion to get as many guild achievements as possible and while the rewards are for everybody, it doesn’t feel like a group effort at all.
That said, I don’t nearly care enough about achievements to whine about it and most of them don’t come with noticeable rewards either (the really big part is guild ranks and mass effort achis), but I simply don’t think Blizzard implemented the system very well.

I’ve only just started to explore the new guild tab in the achievement window a few days ago, mostly to check which of them actually come with something useful. Now, as a pet collector I’d love to get the Armadillo Pup, but that one is far away still with our 10k kills out of 50k total. We’re not the biggest guild and I also suspect there’s a natural resistance in many to go and hunt down fluffy bunnies and squirrels! For those among you, here’s a little motivator.

Tracking down the elusive orc mage

Killing horde on the other hand – works fine for most. I’m certainly not shy to PvP and I always enjoyed the achievements that require you to hunt down certain class-race combinations in WoW, either to slay them or put bunny ears on their heads or whatever (see how there is darkness and light inside me!). As a priest especially, you’ve got awesome tools for this kind of mission. So, when I realized that all our guild was missing for the Horde Slayer Achievement was an orc mage, I decided to have a look around AV – it couldn’t be so hard, surely…

…Riiight! Apparently orc mages are the least popular class-race combination ever on horde side. I’m not sure why that is, whether it’s racials or the fact that orcs are generally associated with being “brutes”, so not exactly the educated smart or spiritual kind. The WoW census is rather clear on this: counting all EU servers together a baffling 2%-3% of all horde mages are orcs, already less than there are goblin mages. That’s even worse than the percentage of dwarf rogues on alliance side – honestly, would you rather see an orc in cloth or a hairy dwarf in leather? Anyway.

It took me several nights to finally spot an orc mage in AV and I gotta say, I felt a little sorry for the guy! Having your face on a wanted poster all over an entire battlegroup – NOT FUN! Bad times for orc mages. But then, the system is enforcing this really, because you can’t get the achievement done by killing anything less than a lvl 85, so arranging for an alternative of your own quickly isn’t an option.

Well then, if you happen to be a priest and are looking to do this guild achievement, here’s how to do it the BG way (and I promise you won’t have to PvP any more than absolutely needed):

  • Queue for an AV and once inside, browse the BG chart to check whether there are any orc mages in. If not and you absolutely hate to PvP, /afk out and repeat in 15mins.
  • Once you’ve spotted your orcish friend, create a /target + name macro to make sure you spot him right away on the battlefield.
  • Follow the main rush and stay in midfield on Field of Strife. This is where most alliance and horde cross in the beginning and there’s a very high chance your orc mage will be among them. Spam your target-macro at all times.
  • Once you got your target, follow the horde rush at a distance and try to spot the player to see where he’s going. It might prove tricky, so what you want to do now is to retreat to a safe spot quickly and throw a mindvision before you’ve lost him. 
  • After you’ve located him, track him down and keep a focus on him to see whether he’s already in combat, winning or dying (in which case he will release at the closest horde GY). Throwing a DoT is enough to get the kill count if he’s already battling someone else. If you have to take him on 1vs1, good luck!

I was lucky because in my case the orc mage was on his way to Stonehearth Bunker and already engaged in a flag fight when I arrived. He was at 50% health and too surprised at my arrival to react, so a quick Penance and SW:Death finished the job. And I realize just how this sounds – I’m really sorry Dag-something, Blizzard made me do it!

On the bright side, we got the guild achievement and with it comes the Guild Page companion which is actually quite useful for non-collectors too: it’s your very own mobile vendor and allows you to clear all the trash from your bags during questing which is rather handy at the moment. Unfortunately he only lasts for 5 mins and is on an 8 hour cooldown, just like the other guild vendor items……/facepalm

Anyway, should you get tired of questing or heroics sometime, give PvP achievements a go, they’re actually a fun distraction and you do not need a PvP kit either to get them, especially in AV. The tracking tactic obviously works for any class-race combination you might be after. For the Alliance – For the Horde! Enjoy your weekend and a happy New Year from Raging Monkeys everybody!


  1. I think it is because orc-mage is a new combination of Cataclysm (as a horde player I didn’t even know they existed though). Which means people have either to reroll one and level it to 85, or race change. I think all the race changes were made to goblins tbh ^^

  2. Poor orc mages! I think a large reason not many people are rolling them is also because there was ZERO ingame lore, reasoning, or even news about them. Dwarf warlocks? They got Moira. Elf mages? NPC conversation about it. Tauren paladins? HUGE coverage. But poor orc mages. No one knows why they can suddenly blink and frostbolt. They just…can.

    Apparently Garrosh secretly wants to be a mage?!

  3. Oh man, this made me laugh so hard… but yeah, as the others said, orc mage is one of the new class combos and probably the one people cared the least about. My PvP-ing guildies had no problem finding all the different types of Alliance, much to my surprise. We even got Worgen Slayer before dwarves and gnomes – didn’t expect there to be so many worgen of all classes at 85 already.

  4. Hee hee, you could do it that way, or you could just make an alt toon on your server, or ask a guildie to do it, go to the horde side, /who orc mage, and then ask them very, very politely if you can kill them 🙂 That’s how we got our troll death knight, and that person is now my friend and contact on horde!

  5. @Zinn / Shintar
    You’re right of course, that’s one of the new combos is it not. Somehow I have the feeling there were a ton more of the other combinations right away than this one. obviously orc mage has a very hard stand against the new race goblins at the moment – can’t say I wouldn’t prefer the goblin too. 😀

    I don’t have the biggest lore knowledge, but it’s certainly a weird combination. The fact that NEs can now roll mage too, was equally weird to me but at least there was ample explanation given for the nightelves.

    That option hadn’t even crossed my mind – good point! 🙂

  6. If you pay for my subscription time, I’ll happily level an Orc Mage and play the punching bag. I promise I won’t even fight back. 😛

    …makes me wonder if there’s a market for that sort of service. I can imagine an Alliance barker hawking services of his Orc Mage alt just for achievement hunting. Other achievements have been “sold” that way, like raids and the like. Some apparently even make good guild money hauling along tourists on their farming runs.

  7. You know Tesh, I suspect that deep down inside you’re still a die-hard WoW fan! 😉
    and yeah, you can deffo do business with some of the more difficult achis – not so much this one though I’d say, as it’s still easy enough to manage one way or another (as long as you have a little patience).

  8. *chuckle*

    For all the flak I (deservedly) give the game sometimes, yes, I really do still like WoW. I still loathe the business model, but the game itself is good fun.

    …and I’m totally all for playing those odd combinations. In fact, two of the characters I’m most looking forward to trying are an Orc Mage and a Dwarf Rogue. It’s that contrarian streak in me…

  9. “In fact, two of the characters I’m most looking forward to trying are an Orc Mage and a Dwarf Rogue.”

    That’s just vile!


  10. My co-blogger Kazi knows a lot more orc lore than I do but I believe he mentioned it had something to do with the Dragonmaw and them being mages from the start.

    In regards to the Armadillo Pup, did you know that critter kills count as one each for every guild member in your group? Our guild was stuck at the 10k mark too…until the GL found 7 other members to join a raid with him and go nuke some penguins in Northrend. 35 minutes later, we had our 50k critter kills.

  11. @Faeldray
    Mmmmm…I had heard something along these lines but didn’t actually know if it worked or not – now I am going to suggest this to my guild!!

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