All rise to the Arisen dance!

In case you don’t know who the Arisen are, they’re possibly the greatest race ever to star in an MMO. They’re part of the evil or empire faction in Allods Online, a very polished free MMO I have briefly reviewed in my previous article this week. Now while I don’t play Allods actively, I am utterly in love with the superior air and style of this undead cyborg race –  if you got nothing else to play sometime and are up to dabble with a free game, they’re one good reason to look into Allods!

But this post isn’t about promoting free MMOs: it’s actually about dancing. That’s right, dancing!!

I’ve always loved fan-made MMO dance videos, I am that silly! They’re just another proof of how inspiring games can be to those that love them – whether you blog, write fanfics, draw fanart or make awesome fraps videos, you’re being creative (and it’s actually not so easy to make a good dance video where everything fits!). There’s a few fun WoW dancing videos on youtube which I’m sure most have seen by now.

But I bet you haven’t seen the Arisen do Daftpunk yet, have ya?! Well here’s two clips nobody should miss:

I don’t know if it’s my love for the race or the fact that the creator chose one of my favourite Daftpunk songs to go with it, but I love this video!

  • Arisen Rave  (I’m not much for techno, but it really fits here!)
*dance dance*


  1. The Arisen are pretty sweet. I like the Gibberlings, too. Allods isn’t a bad game… but it’s just sort of… there. Some good, some great, some meh, some facepalmingly stupid.

    Of course the same could be said of nearly any MMO, even the holy WoW.

  2. Oh, someone else that likes them!

    I agree, Allods really is okay for a free MMO and I give credit to them for actually knowing how to copy: you don’t have to re-invent the wheel but if you copy, do it well. the class design is pretty shweet overall.
    what i really dislike is the gpotato stuff and also, like you said there’s some really ‘meh’ things you discover as you level up. I can’t speak for endgame and raiding though.

    I actually wonder how Allods would’ve done, if it was sub-based and didn’t have WoW overshadowing it all.

  3. I played Allods and had a good time up until it started to have a heavier PvP focus (I don’t like PvP, and when you can’t get away from it, that bothers me), and death really started to sting (unless you bought stuff from the item shop to take the sting out). The lower level PvE really is solid, and the class and talent design is refreshingly different while still familiar enough to MMO vets that it’s not offputting.

    At least, that’s my experience with the game, and I do still recommend it, at least for something to explore to see another take on the MMO that isn’t Blizzard’s.

    And yes, the art is very nice, and the character design of the Arisen in particular (especially the weird Egyptian steampunk vibe) is well worth investigating.

  4. I absolutely loved the “priest tier” or what it is for the arisen healers, that looks like a pharaoh set!

    it’s definitely one of the best MMO alternatives I’ve played the past 2 years, besides AoC.
    I noticed while leveling up that the itemshop is rather big deal indeed, there was items there that impact quite a lot on your game at higher levels. I wonder how much cash you end up paying as a serious raider in this game each month..?

    I’m also a big fan of the soundtrack btw, the intro track swept me off my feet already when I heard it the first time! =)

  5. Arisen aren’t the people i would invite for dinner, but they rule as a race. They almost seem not to belong in the game.

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