Friday Conundrums: The last Game of your Life

This week while casually browsing my twitter feed, I came across a short exchange between fellow blogger Braxwolf and Michael on their love for Civilization 5. It was one line by Brax there which completely took me aback –

In over 5 years of video game blogging and discussion with other players, I have never once asked myself the proverbial question of “if I could only play one game for the rest of my life – which one would it be?”. The fact that I still don’t have the faintest idea after several days of musing on this topic, gives me pause.

The “three things to take to an island” thought experiment is a fond memory from my school days, naming your most important movies or books which I generally find easy. Heck even the question about which food I’d go for if it was the only thing I could eat, forever, is easily answered: Pizza! I have weighed all the pros and cons of other food items and come to the solid conclusion that I could live out my days quite happily on a balanced pizza diet.

But when it comes to video games, I am at a loss. The intuitive thing would be to name one of my all-time favorite titles surely, Chrono Trigger or The Witcher 3 or some other RPG or adventure with some substance to it. Yet – I am not so sure! If I REALLY was to name one game for the rest of my life, it would probably need to be a smarter, more long-term choice: a game that allows for plenty of repetition and customization, something open-ended rather than a heavily story-based title that’s also final. Either way, it would be a matter of time before I came to hate it with a passion, but anyway.

Tetris? No. Minecraft maybe?


Forever on MC Island?? (

Really, I haven’t got a clue and it amuses me how I freeze at the mere idea of this fictional scenario. Happy weekend everybody – and which game would you choose to be your sole companion for all eternity? It’s a scary thought!


  1. The one I’m playing right now! (TSW) There’s no difference between reality and these hypothetical scenarios in my mind. “If you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do on your last day?” The same thing I’d do on any other day.

    1. Yeah MMOs make sense, although in my imagined scenario there would be no internet or multiplayer. Still, I could see playing in a big MMO world offline, as long as it features some sandboxier elements.

  2. I’m very happy not to have to choose to become a monogameist. But if I really should be one, it would definitely be some procedural game, that I could rediscover over and over. While Minecraft seams like an obvious choice, I think I would miss the challenge of a hard game to much. On top of that, I would already be on a lonely island where I have to craft things the whole day and fight for my survival. Minecraft would feel like playing eurotruck simulator or something like that 😉 I would probably go for something more like X-Com 1 (DOS version) Since it would bring back lots of nostalgia, but still be a game with an enormous challenge that feels new every time.

    The smart choice would be to bring something like pico-8 and to just create my own games 😀

    1. Lucky are the ones who can make their own games! 😀
      Procedural is definitely an important feature in this context; open world too, for me, and sandbox elements.

  3. I have often thought that it would probably be more enjoyable if there was only one MMO in the world provided it was a good one. Variety is fun but if there was just one game it would have a monopoly on variety. As far as existing games go I would and most probably will play EQ, EQ2 and GW2 until either they or I cease to be and I’d be content to play just any one of those.

    1. If I were to choose any MMO, assuming offline in the island scenario, it would need to be one that features sandbox elements. EQ2 has great housing from what I know, so that might be my pick from those three. 😉 GW2 and FFXIV also came to mind, but if I subtract online and multiplayer, I wonder how long I’d be happy in an MMO. EQ2 I never played, so there at least I’d be able to sink loads of time in before knowing my way around. LOTRO is also one to ponder..

  4. Minecraft.

    No brainer for me, as long as it also came with unlimited mods to download every now and then. Exploration, immersion, crafting, progression, and a bit of make-my-own-story hits the major stuff I need, and if I was desperate for some playing with others eventually, I can join various servers too.

    If I had a second game, it’ll probably be Path of Exile. Ease of play, super-deep systems to explore, plenty of alt options and consistent devs.

    Consistency is what makes me pause and be reluctant to pick any MMO (including GW2) as an “only” game option. Too much chance of the game becoming something entirely different and something you might hate after a couple of random patches.

    Tales of Maj’Eyal would probably be the third. Again, super-deep, plenty of alt options that play different, and one consistent developer.

    All three games use procedural generation to vary encounters, so gameplay will never be 100% predictable and boring.

    1. Japp, procedural for sure – as for MC, I was thinking offline for that particular scenario but even without new mods, MC offers a lot of longterm replayability and playstyle diversity. I haven’t played much of Path of Exile since that one rare blogger night on steam, maybe I should give it another go, hm. 🙂

  5. I’d go for EQ2 I think. It seems to have the broadest and deepest gameplay options of the MMORPGs that I’ve played. I doubt I’ll ever explore everything I’d like to in the game because of the time investment needed.

    1. I keep hearing that about it and also about its great housing. Maybe the smart choice would really be to pick a big, older MMO that I don’t actually know yet, like EQ2 – would keep me plenty busy!

  6. I’m enjoying many games, but if I had to spend time in just one, it would be World of Warcraft, which I’ve been subscribed to for eight years without pause, and where there are people I know from the real world. Home Sweet Azeroth.

    1. Hehe I get that, what if you had to play offline though? 😛
      I think if I chose any offline MMO world, it would need to be one I don’t know very well yet.

      1. Offline? The Elder Scrolls world, particularly Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim.
        Then Tomb Raider, then the Fallout universe.

  7. Poker.

    Not because I really enjoy it, but because, if I play it exclusively for the rest of my life, I’ll have no choice but to get very good at it, and then I’ll have a great income source in my golden years.

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