Black Desert Online: My Character Templates (I’m getting better!)

So I was whining a bit the other day about how complex and sometimes fussy the BDO character creator is. While this is still true, I believe I have vastly improved my understanding of the tool by now. There is honestly very little you cannot do with the faces. I’ve sunk some more time into creating female characters for several of the classes and love how some of them turned out.

I was going to make these available over at BDO templates but the approval process is either very slow (I can only imagine how many entries they must get by now) or it’s broken for me… I decided to just make them available here in case anyone’s interested. All my characters end up looking like sisters – that’s because I am a raven haired lady in real life who’s always had a thing for the Morgana character (aka Morrigan or Morgan le Fay) from Arthurian legend. I like witches, basically smart and powerful women, I like magic in fantasy games and I like odd eyes!

The thing with other people’s templates in BDO is also that they provide great starting grounds for your own creations. So by all means, if you enjoy any of my below designs you can download them as zip-file here and customize away – have fun!

Ranger, witch and sorceress templates:


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  1. Wow, I especially love the sorceress! Reminds me a bit of Piper Halliwell from Charmed.

    That’s a really powerful character creator. Makes me tempted to look into Black Desert Online just to play with the character creator, kinda City of Heroes-style. 😉

    Is it still closed beta key invite only?

    1. The second closed beta is tomorrow I believe, you can get keys to that if your pre-order. But game already launches in March, soooo.

      However, the character creator is available for free to anyone as standalone, why not pick it up? 🙂
      For now, it may be the most redeeming part of the game =P

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