Gamer Space [#Blaugust 30]

I recently moved to a new home which came with the perk of having my own gamer room/office again. I’ve truly missed this, even if I’ve always done my best to carve out a cosy niche or corner for my desk, books and other bling that makes me happy. I’ve been hanging the same pictures and room lights for over 12 years now, I keep the same books on my shelf and the same family sword on my wall. My friends who have followed me from first to second, to third and fourth apartment through the years, tell me how my room always looks the same no matter where I am. My personal space means comfort and stability as much as identity.



    1. Haha yeah I keep Asterix there for old time’s sake, together with Mutts and Calvin. πŸ™‚ The desktop is from WoW Legion I believe (or else Draenor)!

  1. Can understand that. I don’t like my comfort to change either. Need to get my posters up on the walls in my office as they’ve been sitting beside my desk for months, waiting to be hung. Maybe this week. #crossingfingers

    1. Stuff like that is so important to me. I need my things around me as fast as possible, especially my pictures and books omg. πŸ™‚

  2. You all have such CLEAN gaming spaces! I’d never dare show mine. It’s my gaming/working/hanging out space and it’s cluttered from everything to winter gloves (no, I have no idea how they ended up on the desk) to a pink plush piggy that I bought for the dogs but don’t want to give them because it’s too cute to be chewed up to, you know, work stuff, pens, gaming stuff, coffee, and a water bottle.

    Sigh. I’ll never be neat. πŸ˜‰

      1. A jumbled mess. Kind of like my work area.

        One of these years I’ll get a computer desk that stays neat and clean, but not this year.

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