DPS Meters can suck it [#Blaugust 13]

Today’s post is sort of a sequel to some of yesterday’s discussions, in case you’re confused. I know not everyone uses DPS meters in MMOs to be a jackass and harass other people in pickup groups (although too many do) – you’re okay!

Anyway, I just….I basically had to do this.




Let’s just say I reserve my epic right to “suck” in MMOs whenever I damn well please. Nothing is more annoying and tedious than running trivial daily dungeons with the leets who’ve been rejected by all the serious guilds.

P.S. Let’s go bowling.


  1. If that’s your character, I love your their design and glamour!

    I haven’t parsed in a long time, but you’re right that there are a lot of people who just do it to inflate their own egos and tear other people down. Still it can be a helpful tool for when you’re trying to meet a damage threshold such as in Alexander Savage.

  2. So how do you reconcile your stance that broadcasting pageview stats with numbers are no problem, and won’t make anyone feel miserable, and if they do, they oughta learn that some will always be better off, some will always be worse off, and ignore the numbers bring posted…

    …with broadcasting dps stats with numbers are a problem, especially when done with the intent of making others feel miserable? šŸ˜‰

    1. Is there some sort of writing meter? Can blogging be measured the way dps can in an MMO? These are completely different situations and it’s right there in the screenshots: dps meters are used to mock others and make them feel bad. There’s the idea of ‘the more dps the better’ – there’s no such equivalent to blogging. There are inumerous factors why one post gets more hits than another.

      If we share knowledge among our peers about how we are doing – be it as a blogger or podcaster or just at the workplace, that shared knowledge is power. I do not think bloggers who post their stats have the intent to make anyone feel miserable, maybe that’s the difference between us then. šŸ™‚ If someone would do this, they’d deserve all of my scorn.

      Anyway, no need to agree on this. I am a half-full glass type of person, I see more upsides than downsides about people talking about what they make. But being open/approachable about your stats isn’t the same as shoving damage meters into a stranger’s face that didn’t ask for them and then be an ass about it. Especially since the other people quite obviously don’t have a problem with their dps and are enjoying the way they play. But “I don’t care” won’t save you from meters monkeys, will it? It’s harassment because it doesn’t stop there and that’s the big difference.

      1. Well I don’t know about you but I don’t like to waste other people time so when I join a PUG group, I normally tell them that I am not very good player, I don’t know boss tactic, my gear isn’t all that good, I am new to this dungeons etc ( I even had this as a macro in WOW!) and if they are in hurry I am more than willing to leave the group. I tend to find that even the most elites jerks are willing to help you and in some cases even carry you through the dungeon when you are being honest. Some will politely ask you to leave as well. Some will call me noob as well!

        My point is simply this, people who waste other people’s time are just as bad as jerks who bully people using DPS meters.

  3. The way I see it, since SE has a “don’t talk about it” policy with parses then there’s no real reason to want them postable in the game except to “critique” (i.e. bash) other players for not being up to their standard.

  4. “And the crowd goes wild of excitement!!!”

    It’s always to get into a dungeon and not have a meter staring at your face.

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