Ding halfway! [#Blaugust 16]

Yes folks this is it – we’re halfway into Blaugust already and if you’ve been keeping up until now, congratulations! If you haven’t, there is always a next August. I never really expected to partake in a blogging marathon as my own blog has always been more about walls of text and subjects that I often felt required some longevity before I’d write about them.

Turns out it doesn’t have to be like this at all: I can write shorter posts more regularly and still put out something of substance and food for thought ever so often. Also, not all posts need be about very serious matters or proof-read to death. I agree with Psychochild that planning topics ahead of time is a big help for events like Blaugust but editing remains optional. I’m happy I can write most of my posts in one sitting these days.

I’ve a feeling the second part of Blaugust will be a little tougher on me than the first one, mostly due to being busier IRL, but I have every intention to see this through. Thanks to everyone who has been sharing this journey up until now, shared writing prompts, commented on topics and fueled that writing inspiration with discussion! Blaugust is in many ways a community achievement and I wouldn’t (still) be in this if it wasn’t for my readers new and old, commenters and blogging buddies.

Now on with the show!


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