Mobile Gaming 4 U (and me)

After much consideration (I am cheap), I finally became the owner of a shiny Samsung T800 Galaxy Tab (10.5) this last Tuesday. Aside of being able to watch clips and movies as well as read and chat with more ease thanks to a much larger screen, owning a tablet means mobile games! I partly got this tablet so I could return to the frantic fun that is Cook Serve Delicious (which you should totally own) but I am also set on discovering more casual games to take to Italy with me next month. Yes, that’s what I do while sunbathing at the Adriatic coast (don’t judge).


In my head, mobile gaming has so much potential and yet, discovering games that are worth a dime feels like pearl diving at the bottom of a vast sea of humbug. That’s why I’ve spent this week sourcing my social media platforms for solid mobile titles inside the RPG/adventure/sim and casual silliness corner. So far, I ‘ve been able to secure the following games, along with the awesome CSD:

  • You must build a boat
  • Crossyroad
  • Monument Valley
  • Blek
  • Plague Inc.

As you can see, I don’t really care if the games cost me a dollar or not, as long as it’s worth the investment. In fact, paywalled content or a lot of ads and popups are a big no-go in my book. This is where I’m shouting out for more tips from y’all – it would be especially nice if there was a JRPG or two that I could sink my teeth into. I do know about mobile Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy & Co., what I’m looking for is something potentially new and fun that lands somewhere between Zelda and FF (no tactical RPGs plx!). I also really like games that look good or have nice music, so this is where I’m recommending Buddy&Me and TA: Red Riding Hood to those of you who are into that kind of thing.

So yeah, I need some help with this. More mobile tips & recommendations this way please! And happy weekend everybody!

(P.S. I am waiting on Fallout Shelter to come out on Android, in case that was your first thought!)


  1. 80 Day, Device 6, and Banner Saga are on my mobile wishlist at the moment. I hear good things about The World Ends with You, but it’s pricey. The Room is a good puzzle game as well. But… Crossyroads!

    1. Great, not heard of most of the others (except for Crossyroad but you know that already!), gotta check them out thanks 🙂

  2. First of all, I’m not a big fan of mobile games, so take this with a grain of salt.
    It’s also not much, but first of all I have to say Pixel Dungeon which for some weird reason is the roguelike I’ve had the most fun in my life. Maybe only because I prefer other games on the PC, but still.
    Then I usually don’t like Tower Defense games, but Fieldrunners HD on my tablet entertained me for a really long time.
    Finally, Great Little War Game is a strategy game I liked.

    That’s it with the recommendations. I’ve heard good things about Hoplite, but didn’t like it. And I have a few small puzzlers (for waiting for the bus etc) like Power Line, Tangled or PixelWorld…

    1. I hear ya….there’s just a lot of bad deals and crappy games out there for mobile, hence this topic too. Thanks for the recommendations, several I’ve not heard of and am definitely gonna check out! Pixel Dungeon looks interesting.

  3. sword and sorcery is a must play i think

    puzzles and dragons for the rpg candy crush

    and i believe that new pacman championship thing is on obiles – insanely addictive and fun

    1. Agree S&S I awesome, already played that one on the PC tho. 🙂 Gotta check out Puzzles and Dragons then – I feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of match-3 diamond games but it’s good to know which ones are actually good.
      I suck at pacman 😛

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