NBI Screenshot Safari: In the Lair of the Dragon

So Murf has a #NBI2015Safari going on, to which bloggers may or may not contribute one screenshot per week to a given topic. As the piles of boxes around my house are diminishing, I am finding my spirits for blogging and gaming return – and of course I like screenshots, even if the prospect of choosing just one shot per week from a backlog like mine can be very daunting. I realize, I am also somewhat late to the party joining at the end of week two, alas!

In the Lair of the Dragon

Today’s screenshot is dedicated to the ‘High Fantasy’ genre because nothing in the world says high fantasy to me like magic & dragons do. I was introduced to this venerable genre by the Dragonlance novels over 20 years ago and ever since, my heart’s been out dancing with the fairies (when I was young, I was a fool). And dragons, well there’s no more iconic and formidable creature to be found in the entire beastiary of folklore, mythology and fantasy. We are all fascinated by dragons.

A thing that isn’t frequently mentioned about FFXIV is its pretty off-the charts, high fantasy style mob and boss design. During my journey to max level, I’ve encountered some of the most amazing dragon and creature design that would make every D&D veteran’s heart pound a little faster. Be it dragons, chimeras, beholders or cyclops – FFXIV has a mature and very classic sense for epic creature design. The dragons look ancient, dark and sinewy. That makes FFXIV a game of stark contrasts, for there is much frivolity and silliness to be found for sure, yet its serious moments are serious.

The below screenshot shows my midlevel Black Mage battling Aiatar (based on Ajatar, the “Devil of the Woods” in Finnish folklore, a female spirit that manifests as a dragon), the last boss in Brayflox’s Runstop.

(click to enlarge)

There’s magic, a big ass scary dragon and me – it doesn’t get much more high fantasy than this in gaming!


    1. Hey Joseph!
      I don’t mind at all – I think it’s great someone picked up the torch so the poetry slam can continue! 🙂 I might even throw my own poem in, I quite like your choice of topic for this year!

  1. I wish the original Dragonlance trilogy was as heralded or as respected as Lord of the Rings. I’d absolutely kill to see someone like Peter Jackson try and put those big dragon fights on screen!

    I am so happy you had a chance to participate. The weekly thing was just a suggestion, so if you want to put up more in a shorter time frame, I don’t anyone who would complain. As someone who just finished a relative short move, I have an idea of how you are feeling.

    As for the screenshot itself, I really like it. It’s a solid action shot that conveys everything you describe. FFXIV looks really good in still form, though I tend to believe its effects are far too over the top!

    1. I had the same thought many many times, I worthy screen adaption of DL would be a dream come true! That said, I’d rather see none than a bad adaption (the cartoon is so horrible too…), I find the DL material even more demanding to get right than LOTR. It would need someone who truly understands this very colorful genre, someone who doesn’t repeat all the horrible mistakes of the D&D movies. -.-

  2. Hey, you’re back!

    I missed reading your posts. They make my brain happy.

    Glad to hear your move is finally winding down. Hopefully, that means more game time!

    As for Murf’s suggestion for Dragonlance movies, it’s never too late! Maybe a good Wheel of Time TV Series, too??

    1. Aw thank you, I am happy not to have been forgotten! 🙂 Life is going back to normal, so I look forward to blog more again and chat with you guys and gals.

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