The Great Videogame Chibi Challenge! (Win three Steam games!)

UPDATE: This quiz has already been solved! If you wish to take it anyway, don’t read the comments!

So maybe you know that I do quizzes on MMO Gypsy from time to time, from MMO rebuses to poetry scrabble, and every time my audience was way too fast to guess the correct answers. That’s cool though because this time around, there shall be little help from my side!

Maybe some of you remember too, that I had some fun creating blogosphere avatars a while back with this chibi maker. Well, I didn’t just make avatars, I also tried to recreate some of my most beloved videogame characters of all time, along with some new faces from popular games.

That’s where a new quiz comes in!

The Great Videogame Chibi Challenge!

The rules are simple: Below you’ll find an expandable image with a lucky number of 13 videogame-related chibis I myself created (one or two may not be strictly originating from a game but have definitely starred in one or several). They are in a set order. You will also find a cryptic string of numbers belonging to each chibi. And that’s almost all I am going to give you, besides two more things –

  • The correct answer is a sentence (or quote) delivered in the comment section of this thread. Do not post incomplete or dubious answers unless you wish to help someone else win the prize. The sentence is of course in English.
  • In case you might feel you actually know the answer halfway through the riddling and skip figuring out the rest: don’t.

First correct answer obviously takes home fame, glory and a wicked prize!


Guess THIS! (click to expand)

The Prize!

The winner of this illustrious challenge shall not win just one but three randomly selected steam games (that they do not own yet) from my ever growing key library! You’re bound to love something and/or expand your backlog! (So yeah, you require a steam account.)


The game starts now. Good luck!

(P.S. If you really like any of the chibis, feel free to use it for whatever.)


  1. This was a triumph, I’m making a note here: little success.

    Although, the puzzle was slightly wrong. Tifa’s last name is officially spelled “Lockhart”, but I think you spelled it “Lockheart”.

    Nice puzzle, though. 🙂

      1. Hehe cool – it wasn’t an easy one (imho) but then, clearly not hard enough either! 😛

        Gratz Brian! well spotted, I probably did misspell her name then but glad you figured it out anyway (I’ll just claim the error was built in on purpose mkay!). I got your steam account, expect prezzies incoming soon!

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