Honey, I’m Home!

So I did this…

Still there after all these years.

…and I’m a horrible person and I have no integrity.
You have official permission to mock me. Forever.


  1. Oh no ….whats happened to you! BlizzCon fever infected another! I told everyone going to Blizzcon to wear masks and gloves and hazmat suits.

    This is on you…. Californians! Casual disregard of hygiene.

    1. Honestly my reasons are threefold: Overwatch beta sign-ups made me look for my authenticator (which I have kept buried like a dangerous artifact!), Wildstar-fatigue because I can’t raid anymore, so many ppl returning to WoD and wanting to see my character’s new model.

      The Blizz docu was definitely full of feels but it wouldn’t have turned me just yet.

  2. I won’t mock – go ahead and enjoy. If nothing else, you’ll have an up to date view of WoW to compare to other games when you return to your senses :p

    1. lol yes! I was only barely able to log in yesterday and already had a shock-moment about the graphics which are seriously ouch nowadays! 😉 Hehe, we’ll see if I get back into any WoW flow when I can actually play it. For now it’s all tentative and I’m only subbed for 1 month.

  3. Look before that documentary I would have sworn up one side and down the other that I was not going to be playing Warlords of Draenor. That is some powerful mojo. One of the awesome things about being an adult and not a two dimensional cartoon character is the ability to change your mind about things. Every day we take in new data and reconcile it against our feelings. The person who always has the same opinion each day is the person who is never evolving.

    1. Well, of course! That’s also why I’m making no secret out of this. I don’t believe in eternal vows, even if I have been very vocal about disliking what WoW has become (and still am critical), they’re quite silly. We play what we want to play – ‘quitting MMOs’ and vows of damnation are always good entertainment but nothing is set in stone ever.

      Also, gamers are fickle and the blogosphere is full of horrible instigators – so, YOLO! 😛

      1. This, fyi, is why whenever I said anything along the lines of “never playing WoW again” I always included a “probably”.. because look at me now! 😀

        For me it was part wanting to experience the anniversary content and discovering I had to be 100, and part the 6.0 pre-patch released and I suddenly broke and subscribed.

  4. At least your account was still there. When I tried to take up their “come back and play free for week” offer Blizzard told me they had no trace of my account, despite sending the email to the same address where I still have the five-year old confirmatory email when I linked the WoW account to Battlenet.

    I never throw anything away, not even emails. Shame Blizzard can’t say the same.

    Luckily SOE still know who I am. Having a great time in the new EQ2 expansion which is quite excellent so far.

    1. Ouch, that’s really poor. I thought it was almost impossible to lose a WoW account, how can they possibly find no trace of your account?

      I was rather nervous yesterday if Syl would still be there…..3 years is a long time but in the character screen at least, all my toons were alive and kicking. I wasn’t able to play yet so not sure about anything else, will have to check my inventory tonight.

  5. Permission taken! I will just sit around here, chuckling, and count the days it lasts.

    In the meantime, meh, enjoy yourself. I won’t begrudge things like graphic designers getting paid for their hard work creating art assets, even if I think WoW’s design has some inherently “wrong” and overly-competitive issues about it.

    Knowing Blizzard, they’re busily ripping off the best ideas from every other game out there anyway to bandaid their giant. 🙂

    1. No doubt I will soon have much to rant about! 😉 Tbh, I have to seriously get used to the dated graphics again and we’ll see how long it lasts. I only subbed for 1 month and in lieu of nothing else to play this winter (WS pretty much benched due to being unable to raid), meh whatever why not!

      1. We’re taking turns! 😛

        And really, I wouldn’t say am on board. I don’t know what I am right now (other than a HORRIBLE TRAITOR), I have to get some playtime in first and see how I’m doing. This has been a complete out of a whim Action, I might not be completely sane atm.

      2. Well, you didn’t get the bug from me, that’s for sure.

        I’ve had several people try to get me back –and I’m not counting the joking comments on PC, either– but I’m just not interested.

        I tend to zig when everyone else zags, and when everyone rushes into a new WoW expac, I take a step back and watch instead.

  6. Disappointed and jealous. I had many, many thousands of hours in WoW but MoP was soooooo alt unfriendly, and I have outgrown raiding, so I moved on. The MoP launch hours were so painful I have been able to resist. And starting in December would make me feel very, very behind the curve.

    But it is inevitable I will be there.

    So what does this make the OCE4M (Obsessively, Compulsively Exactly Four MMOs) List atm?

    GL, Best Wishes & Hope you have fun.

  7. It can always be a bit interesting to go back to a game you had stopped playing to give it another whirl. Almost like a holiday. Then you can decide whether you want to move there, or a holiday was more than enough 😉

    To be honest though, I have barely gotten to play since the expansion hit. When I can get online at all (1058 queue on Stormrage when trying to logon tonight), the game is incredibly laggy and won’t load questgivers etc. I think this is one of the worst expansion launches in quite some time. I believe someone compared it to TBC launch…

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