Battle Bards Episodes #20 – #21 with a special Giveaway Challenge!

In this latest episode of Battle Bards, the bards are showing their true colors: we find out that Steff can’t ever make up her mind, Syl is a softie and Syp is hating on everyone’s picks. Well, almost.

Episode #22 is also an opportunity to hear us rambling and bickering more than usual (I think) and win a popular Steam game for sending us your voice via Speakpipe, in a special giveaway challenge. The race is still on – so it’s not too late to go for the trophy!

Oh and we were also talking about Flyff two weeks ago but then, surely everyone has heard of Flyff already? Happy listening!


    1. You keep hearing ours all the time – so it’s only fair! 😛
      ofc I expect a proper “arr mateys” from Capt’n Redbeard!

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