FFXIV: With a little Help from my Friends

Eorzea is beautiful alright – FFXIV was recently added to my personal MMO journey portfolio. Some games make it very easy for you to take great screenshots.

Tangentially, I was reminded there is much to be said for NPC companions. I like them a lot. They’re a bit like my cats; they don’t say much but they’re always there, keeping a close distance, making funny faces and causing mischief when I’m not looking. And sometimes they remind me that it’s okay to take a rest and just be. Happy Monday everybody.


  1. My free month ended the day before we went away and I’ve not yet subscribed. I will though. Missing it already. I think it’s going to be a “sub when there’s something new” game. I wish it was some form of F2P.

    And yes, it takes maybe the best screenshots of any MMO especially with that wonderful faux shutter click!

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