Battle Bards – Episodes #2 & #3: FFXI and Spooky&Magical

It’s been six busy weeks since the Battle Bards debut in April, so if you’ve missed episode #2 on Final Fantasy XI Online or have yet to listen to our brand new episode #3 on all things “Spooky and Magical”, be sure to head over to the BB’s main page for the full shows!

In this latest episode we’re back to thematic picks and to my very personal delight, I got to challenge the other bards with what’s always been my favorite sub-genre: ethereal and magical tunes, somewhere between the playful and the spooky. Danny Elfman’s score for Edward Scissorhands was one of the reasons why I started collecting movie themes many years ago and when it comes to game soundtrack too, I am always on the lookout for the especially melodic and haunting pieces. This genre of music is hard to put into words as we soon find out in this third episode, musing on the wide spectrum of picks and the general difficulty to verbalize music.

Thanks for tuning in, tweeting us or sending us your feedback via mail ( or on iTunes sometime! While I’m not allowed to reveal a thing, I can say that we have some hot shows ahead in June and July with surprises you definitely don’t want to miss – so keep your eyes open for episode #4, folks!


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