ArenaNet really needs character designers!

You’ve probably heard that ArenaNet is hiring character artists, a most prestigious kind of job! After long consideration and making first contact via twitter (to which they still haven’t responded, I can’t quite figure out why), I decided to run for the job and create a first piece of art to illustrate my fitness. The examples given on their page were very helpful pointers in that undertaking…ArenaNet will of course want to find the right type of artists who grasp the art style and aesthetics of Guild Wars 2, keeping things coherent. Luckily all of this applies to me.

(click image to enlarge)

So, what’s your opinion – I believe I have captured ArenaNet’s basic idea for the races and characters in the game? Also, keep in mind this was only a very fast sketch really. I admit I’m not great with the whole environment kind of stuff, but then they’re not looking for landscape artists! ArenaNet pick me, pick me!


  1. Technically, it’s “character artists” which doesn’t involve design at all. It’s pretty much *my* job; taking someone else’s designs and making them in 3D.

  2. If I might make a small suggestion: If your goal is to show off your design skills, it’s best not to cover up what you’re designing. For example, I cannot see the legs of the woman in blue and the coverage makes it hard to tell if she even has a stomach. The goat-man is wearing far too much for anyone to tell if he is muscular, suggesting that he may be normally-proportioned. Though it’s not all a disaster, the woman in blue has an excellent breast/head ratio.

  3. You did a very good job. You could show your long time dedication to GW2 by showing a jumping-lying down person as seen in the first beta weekend.
    Obviously the human ranger was to shy to show up in your picture, but I like how he reconfigured his elite crow attack to send it in for.. a more special task.

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