Skyrim cloth and cosmetic armor

Following up yesterday’s announcement, I’ve prepared an overview of what I believe to be some of the nicest available cloth or “cosmetic” outfits for Elder Scrolls V. I’m putting cosmetic in brackets here, because strictly speaking all armor in Skyrim is cosmetic if you happen to be a non-melee class. The best available gear for magic users comes from enchanting – meaning, you chose whatever gear you enjoy the most (you can wear any armor class too) and add the most powerful enchantments which you will have to earn by skilling up the profession, learning recipes and creating powerful soul gems.

Likewise, the best armor for warriors and thieves come from professions too; while there’s no “tailoring” in Skyrim, there sure is armor-smithing and leatherworking which creates the best sets combined with enchanting. An interesting approach to gearing up, in my opinion.

In this post, I will focus on “cloth” (armor class 0) that cannot be crafted, but picked up in Skyrim, either by drop, reward, purchase, theft or murder (the game being open like that, almost any NPC can be killed). In a few cases, the items can only be acquired via console commands on the PC version of the game which is why I will include commands (where I know them) for those looking to collect the peaceful or lazy way. And yes, console commands are completely legit, if not somewhat of a spoiler. But then, so is surfing on the net and looking at pictures.
Note that the console command to add an item to your inventory is always “player.additem [itemname] [quantity]”.

Skyrim “cloth and cosmetic” armor – some picks

Most of these items aren’t powerful by themselves as they lack proper enchanting. All pictures are taken by myself and may serve as overview to plan your future gear or for collection purposes. Item numbers from left to right.

A) Festive clothing

1. Embellished Robes #000E84C4 (also as Refined robes #000E84C6)
2. Emperor’s robes #00015516
3. Embroidered Robes #000EAD49
4. Fine clothes (blue) and fine hat
5. Fine clothes(green)
6. Fine clothes (brown)
7. Wedding dress #00088956 / wedding wreathย  #0008895A / wedding sandals #00088958

B) Mage outfits

1. Blue mage robes (also exist in black; common item)
2. Archmage robes #0010F570 (reward mage questline)
3. Master mage robes #0010D664
4. Thalmor set (robe #00065BAC, unhooded #0010C698, boots #00065BB3, gloves #00065BB)
5. Vaermina robes #000E739B
6. Mythic Dawn (robe #000B144D, unhooded #0010901, boots #000B1460, gloves #000B145B)
7. Psijic set (robes #00065B94, hood #00065B99, boots #00065B9B, gloves #00065B9D)

C) Commoners

1. Clothes (also exist unhooded; common item)
2. Clothes (common item)
3. Merchant’s clothes #0006FF45
4. Chef clothes #0001BC82 and hat #0001BCA7
5. Monk’s clothes #000BACF3 and boots #000BAC07
6. Blacksmith’s clothes #0005B69F and shoes #0005B69E
7. Cicero jester set (clothes #0006492C, hat #0006492E, boots #0006492A, gloves #0006492D)

That was some work! It’s a real tribute to Skyrim’s gameplay variety; not only does it offer players an epic adventure of traveling with companions, questing, dragon hunting, skilling and crafting, but also a little “UO feel” with its player housing, decorating and collecting gear and books. In case you didn’t get enough cloth armor inspiration yet, there’s a few more at this place!


  1. Hehe, indeed! Although, you need to admit – you’d gladly pay a little extra if it meant that Skyrim was online! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I am so sad this isn’t co-op….I would love that!

  2. Where can you get the embellished and embroidered robes in-game? I can’t find anything with google ๐Ÿ™

  3. @anonymous

    I believe I’ve seen some nobles wear them (in the dragon quest chapter where you sneak into the embassy in Thalmor, few NPCs on the way wear them). I’m not sure whether you can receive them the normal way there or need to kill someone, but it’s probably worth checking places like that.

  4. I’ve been looking for a mage robe with a hood that does not have an enchantment. Would anyone know where to find one?

  5. As far as I’ve seen, there are generic hooded robes in many colors; if you need unenchanted ones, you will probably have to check NPC homes or find common NPCs in towns who wear them (if you’re not opposed to killing any). otherwise checking out the hooded robe console-codes in the wiki-link I pasted on the bottom, is probably your best shot.

  6. Glad this was useful to you. ๐Ÿ™‚
    About the male models – not sure. it took me a long time to create these summaries and as I don’t play a male character in Skyrim, I would have to create one first and start from scratch with the screenshots.
    also not sure the differences are really that vast between male and female models(?)

    I might look into creating an overview of crafted sets though.

  7. Are you able to tell me where to get the wedding from? Ive been looking everywhere and I can’t find it. Is it available on the PS3 version? Thanks.

  8. I think all clothes are available on every version.
    There’s a wedding ceremony you attend during the “Bound Until Death” quest in Solitude (Dark Brotherhood quests) and where you will be able to loot the bride; other than that, I have not yet come across info on how to obtain this outfit.

  9. PLEASE can you tell me where you got the embellished and embroidered robes in the game (i have the game on XBOX 360 so can’t use console commands) i would really appreciate it! thanks

    1. You can actually find at least one set of what the game labels “Nobel’s Clothes”(I think) in the East Empire Trading Company on one of the shelves. Wish I could be more specific, but there are a lot of shelves there.

  10. I am not sure the Psijic set can be acquired in any other way than console commands – it might be one of the rare cases where you require a PC version, I’m sorry.
    As far as I’ve seen those mages cannot be attacked in any way during the college questline.

  11. in the quest where you infilrate the thalmor embassy how do you get the embellished and embroidered robes off the guests??? i cant kill them cause i have no weapons cause Delphine took them off me

    1. when you sneak up to take the information, there’s a mage that wearing the clothes you’re looking for, find him and kill him.. i forget where he is, coz i really don’t bother with it since i’m playing assassin…

  12. Impressive collection! I have the game on XBOX 360 so i can’t use the console commands, so i was wondering where you might be able to get the “Cicero Jester Set”? Thanks!!!

  13. Awesome list! Just the unhooded robes of the Mythic Dawn code doesn’t seem to be working ๐Ÿ™

    Any chance you could clarify/update, its the one item i am after!

  14. The Cicero Jester Set is acquired near the end of the Dark Brotherhood questline in the Dawnstar Sanctuary.

    1. It can also be found in the Falkreath Sanctuary as well. You just have to go that far in the questline.

  15. On the wiki it mentions “noble clothes[0005db7b]”, did you forget these, or are they the same as the embellished robes? (i play on xbox so havent been able to check it out myself)
    Thanks =3

  16. Can u tell me is it possible to buy the embroidered robes On xbox or do you have to do the Thalmor embassy quest

  17. I would love to know how to get the embroidered robes! I have a ps3, so I can’t use the codes. I tried the whole Thalmer Embassy thing, but no one was wearing them. Any suggestions who else might wear them…?

  18. the jarl of solitude wears embroidered robes, maybe you can pickpocket them with the “Perfect Touch” perk (requires 100 pickpocket) and ive seen all the commoner’s clothes at the Radiant Raiment clothes shop in solitude.

  19. I learned, the hard and sad way, that you can’t enchant the wedding wreath and i’m very disappointed. Is there any way around this so i can enchant it. I’ve got a really neat outfit going with my male imperial wearing the hammerfall garment with the wedding wreath. My avatar looks like a pimped out jesus and i’m really icked out that i can’t enchant the wreath to make it my mage attire.
    If it’s completely not possible to enchant this item is there a head-piece that is similar like a head bandanna or a crown of thorns, anything that could come close to showing off the hair with an aesthetic feel while enchant-able. No jeweled circlets i’m not looking for a jeweled crown look.

  20. Where can I get the black version of the hooded mage robe ? ANd I want it unenchanted. By the way I play on PS3 so I can’t use console. THank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. This is wonderful, thank you! I’ve played the game through 3 times and thought I knew all the outfits, but there were quite a few in there I’d never seen. Definitely schooled me. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  22. But Skyrim WILL BE ONLINE ๐Ÿ˜€
    Go to and search for “The Elder Scrolls Online” . It will be released in 2013.
    I know that because I’m an adventurer with a good knee,so I’m free to search for dragon stuff and whatelse without beeing f@cked by a damn Giant or Frost Troll.

  23. Oh wow! I was always really disappointed with the mages outfits – stuck to the Thalmor one for now for cosmetic reasons (without the hood), but you proved to me here that there are some alternatives after all that I just haven’t encountered yet. I’ve been working on my Enchantment skillz with just this in mind, but couldn’t find any commoner’s stuff to my liking. Seems I’ve missed some! Still, I wish they would implement more cosmetic outfits. I really hope they will do that with TESO (which I might try out and write about), since this is one of the most fun parts in games for me.

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