Dear Blizzard. Thanks for implementing a feature we have asked for for over 5 years, now that more and more of us are giving up on playing your game. Others dumped their tiers and specials rewards some years ago because of bank space, since you never bothered to create some extra armor storage for all our BoPs. You finally got it now, didn’t you – but that doesn’t mean you’ll make it easy of course, just adding appearance slots, way too last season for you.

I used to be a passionate gear collector. My armor sets, my staves, my rare drops – all still in my bank ever since vanilla WoW. Yes, really. So, I just want to say I HATE YOU and no, I won’t activate that unused, leftover gamecard still lying on my desk. You won’t get me so easily, but thanks for trying! Yes, I am nostalgic sometime, that’s what happens when you’ve played a game for that long. The answer is still no because I know what’s going to happen 10 minutes after logging back in, when every friend on my friendlist will show offline for months and I feel like an alien in a guild I helped creating. So, there’s no coming back – not even to wear that amazing T5 robe again, my priestly wings or staff of immaculate win. No matter how great that would be….Read my lips: No waii!

I’m sure you understand. I’m sure that in due time I will have managed to convince myself, too. Besides, transmogrification really is meant for turning oneself into a baby tiger – everybody knows that.

A good weekend to all of you – the transmogrified, the unchanged and all you little tigers!


  1. I hadn’t even considered the fact that this could be meant as a way to bring back veteran players who may have quit the game or started investing less time into it.

    I just saw it as a way to keep the current population happy.

    You bring up an interest point. I’m going to have to dwell on this one a bit more.


  2. Well, I’m not sure Blizzard intends it to work like that to be honest – I’m just special that way lol! this is almost a personal affront! 😉

    It would certainly be interesting to know just how much appeal this has in terms of bringing players back.

  3. I’m just sad because I completely ran out of bank/bag space at one point or another and several of my characters no longer have quite a few pieces of gear that I really liked.

    Now I have to go back and farm it if I want the looks (and I think I do!)

    The void storage, even for people who are still playing, is still a bit late. I’ve already had to delete so many things, and now – years later – they give me the extra storage that I needed back when I had to get rid of the gear!

  4. I am so happy someone else thought of Calvin and Hobbes when they heard transmogrifier too.

    I think Blizzard is really trying hard to appeal to their longtime customers here. For some, these changes will work and bring them back. For others, as you mentioned, it’s just not gonna work. I think the important thing here is that they are trying to appeal to a dedicated playerbase now that their growth seems to have peaked. They are going to need that sustainability as the numbers keep dropping. And I am convinced the numbers will keep dropping.

  5. @Saga
    I feel your pain. While I never dumped really nice gear, I did lose several pets this way and I also did not bother with things like the special olympics pet in TBC because I thought “not another pet in my bags”.

    You can restore items in lots of cases though; if it’s not too long ago and/or if you know when you trashed them. unfortunately you often don’t. =/

    C&H ftw! ^^
    and indeed, it’s probably a big sign that they are doing this now when they didn’t bother before. and while I applaud developers learning a lesson, there’s also such a thing as too little too late. it took them really long to react.

  6. I sold my tier 1 to make space just before Cataclysm 🙁

    I love the idea apart from in PvP. Not only is the idea of being chased around by a bunch of people with dubious fashion sense depressing (especially if they catch you), but being able to recognise armor sets and know that Mr Mage over there is sporting the latest and best tier is more helpful than seeing an undead mage run at you in the mageweave set.

    Gear is one of the things which helps you make judgement calls in PvP. You can’t even base your decisions on health pool, because the hardest hitters have dps gems/dps trinkets and pocket healers.

    Although after I read the article on MMO Champion, I have to admit, I went straight to WoWhead and started looking up gear for my druid. Definitely thinking the re-coloured version of tier 1 that Blizzard brought back in the Burning Crusade.

  7. Interesting and intriguing post.

    Mean, it’s a shame that you don’t feel you can come back to the game. I have come to realise and understand what you feel; referring to old friends being offline. Mean, what’s it al worth when you have nobody share it with. Is it worth starting over and meeting/making new friends?

    Also, it didn’t come to mind that many who had collected the older gear (at the time it meant something and was a challenge to achieve) would have deleted it and so on. Do those ‘veteran’ players really want re-do all that old content? (Though it hasn’t been confirmed what Blizzard will implement to gain the gear). Especially when a larger majority of characters will be running around in the same thing.

    Anyway, time will tell.

    – Jamin

  8. For 5 years I carried my T2 sets, in the hopes that they will introduce some feature where I can simply upgrade the gear to the top level.

    The purple T2 Paladin armor in TBC gave me hope. The reforging process took away that hope for good.

    I deleted that gear two months back, and shortly afterwards unsubbed.


  9. @Erinys
    A very good point about PvP – this is actually one area where restrictions would’ve made sense. I didn’t even think of this lol…imagine being chased down by a bunch of people in vanilla disco dresses! x)

    Cheers! well, I guess some people will bother and re-farm the old gear or gear they have lost, it’s not hard depending on the source. the dungeon sets were rather long-winded though, I don’t think I ever spent more time than on my devout set in all of WoW.

    And starting over, heh…there’s just a point in time where the game becomes the people for you. and one cannot exist without the other. but it’s okay because there will be other games again where all our paths may intertwine once more. 🙂

    Ouch! that would drive me mad too. but if it’s only been 2 months, I am very sure you could get the items restored – so, in case WoW is still an option for you, you should definitely try and contact a GM (also try several if the first won’t do it. worked lotsa times for guildies of mine).
    The Pali T2 was such a sweet set too. 🙁 something that cannot be said of the rest!!

  10. Too convoluted, too late.

    Like for many others, the gear I would care about, I have no access to any more (without re-farming stuff).

    I still don’t get why it took them so long to come up with it. But oh well.

  11. Yeah, it was kind of a downer to me too to see their announcement, especially with the claim ‘We listened!’ coming after 7 years of them not giving a crap that people we asking for these things. I also had saved raid gear and stuff that I tossed for space ages ago.

    Oh well, I’m not going back now just because they finally added vanity gear option. Too little too late, Blizz.

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