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Another busy week of blogging is coming to an end, although I started off thinking that this would be my week of slack. But then the damn rain never stopped, hasn’t stopped for 3 weeks now, while I keep hearing friends in England and the US complaining about the heat wave of the century. It’s friggin’ July – and it rains down here and roasts up there…the world is going to the dogs, mark my words.

Anyway, today’s gonna be a short post (*cough*). A note really to let you know that I’m off, off to green shores, rocky beaches and ivy-clad castles, wahey! During that time Raging Monkey’s will remain silent while the squirells give things here a good cleaning and dusting. Business will continue as usual by the third week of August.

Timing probably couldn’t be better; I’ve been wondering a little about the blogosphere lately, how quiet and melancholic it’s been in places, until somebody actually reminded me that it’s SUMMER and that’s what happens usually during this time of the year y’know, the activity curve plunges inside and outside our virtual homes. That made me laugh – shows just how much I’m not in the loop right now, out of guild and server life, raid and progress agendas. And a good thing, too.

I also really blame the pitiful weather of course. Which is why I am off now, friends, off to pack my bags and get away – Ireland here I come!

…You can stop laughing now.
Yes, I have packed that rain coat and umbrella. (Wish me luck)
A fantastic summer break to everyone, those staying at home or hitting the road! Be seeing you! =)


  1. Oh *jealous*. Ireland is such a wonderful place to soothe your soul and recharge your batteries. And it is possible to get a tan there. I did… once 🙂

    Enjoy your hols!

  2. It’s definitely more quiet, and I feel a bit bad for posting less myself – but then I remind myself that it’s summer and it’s okay to take it easy 🙂

    Enjoy your holiday in Ireland! I’ve never been, but it’s one of those places I’d like to visit one day.

    I’m sure it will be great, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for no rain 😉

  3. Enjoy your holiday! And remember, if it rains too much there is always a local pub to seek shelter in 🙂

  4. Europe seems like such a nice place for wanderlust; there’s a lot to see and traverse. It’s on my to-do list to backpack across, but there’s this big ocean in the way. :]

    Enjoy your vacation! I actually sort of forgot about it being summer, not that it isn’t wicked hot and humid out lately, but that summer usually means taking a break. Maybe I’ll look into that… :]

  5. Thank you all very much!! =)
    and yes, I deffo plan to have a cider or two with good ol’ St. Patrick in the pubs, hehe!

    I just finished packing my stuff, phew – my wardrobe is a challenge every time! but then, can’t leave anything to chance, can you?
    I’m very excited and the weather can probably not get worse than it already is here, anyway (shouldn’t have said that..). I have just been told we are visiting a dolphin who might or might not exist in one of the lakes there – a peculiar place that island is!

    Talk to you all real soon! All the best! ^^

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