Weekend challenge: Guess the MMO developer!

Rebuses (is there even such a plural?) are fun. I always wanted to make an MMO rebus, so finally here’s the world premiere of the “MMO developers rebus” quiz exclusively brought to you by me! In case you don’t know the rules of a rebus, ‘-/+’ indicate the subtraction/addition of letters or words and ‘=’ signifies a switch of letters. That’s about it, as long as you’re good at wordplay and have a bit of imagination.

I don’t think I made them too hard, although some might not be as obvious as others. So, happy guessing everybody – and no, I won’t give you the solutions anywhere, muaha – although I will acknowledge the first person to guess all 5 of them correctly (there’s a cookie in it for you)! A weekend toast to y’alls!

How well do you know your MMOs?
(click picture to enlarge)

P.S. Apologies for a late edit on this.


  1. Wow, I gave it some time but I only managed to figure that the last picture probably turns into -ware. My first reaction was “there is no K in Prince and no G in cat!”. Well I am lost, can only hope someone else figures it out or that you will publish the answers soon! Or maybe I will ask my guildies for help >:)

  2. @Zinn

    Haha, and there I wrung my hands thinking “this is waaaay to easy!”, there are are not so many (widely known) MMO devs after all.

    I admit few of them require you to think more figuratively and less literally, as in “what does this/it/he stand for or convey?”; or the cat is obviously not just any normal looking cat. maybe it will dawn on you after a while – and ofc getting help is always allowed! ;D

    If nobody can guess them I definitely have to think of something, hehe..

  3. OK, number 1 has me stumped, so I’m tempted to say “Cryptic” 🙂

    I reckon I have the other 4 though:

    2: Blizzard
    3: Trion (Try on) Worlds
    4: Square Enix
    5: Bioware

    Do I get a partial cookie?

  4. My first reaction was “there is no K in Prince and no G in cat!”.

    Rofl, I had that exact same reaction to the first one! I only managed to figure out #4 myself, got #5 after reading Zinn’s comment about -ware, and I “get” the others after reading Tremayne’s comment. Still no idea about #1 though!

  5. Oh I see a change in the first one! Although it doesn’t get me any closer into figuring it out. My guildies commented “These are all way too hard ” but guessed that the last one was Bioware. So with Tremaynes help there is only first one left!

  6. @Tremayne
    Big kudos to you indeed, for guessing 2-5 so quickly! *give white chocolate chip cookie* 😀
    I assume you have a trained mind for this sort of riddling?
    the thing with rebuses is, once you get into them, it gets easier – a bit like learning your way around sudoku and co.

    I would have thought that everyone would at least be able to guess nr. 2 and 3 hehe, I can see why nr. 1 is the hardest though.

    well then, am not giving it away, the challenge still stands – who can guess nr. 1? =D

    Haha, tell your guildies if it’s too hard, it’s because they’re not strong enough! 😉

  7. In your blogs, spamming your comments. We got a guildie who managed to solve the first one, he also got Funcom. He loved the rebuses, so feed us more! 😉

  8. @ Stumps
    FUNCOM it was! Well done!! ^^
    There’s no other expression possibly matching that cat’s face but OMG!

    So all the rebuses were guessed after all, sweet. 🙂

    Hehe, glad you liked them, it was great fun creating them too. I love playing around with photoshop anyway, so I will definitely come up with some other games or riddles again.

  9. All solutions with a brief pictures clarification:

    1) Funcom (Funk + OMG)
    2) Blizzard (Bi + Wizard)
    3) Trion Worlds (Try on + worlds)
    4) Square Enix (Squire + Nicks)
    5) Bioware (Bio + Hares)

  10. Anyone remember Classic Concentration (with Alex Trebek, I might add)? I always loved that game show.

    Excellent design, and very tough; I enjoyed puzzling it together, though I didn’t get the first one (though I do after seeing it explained). Awesome!

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