WoW Priests for a 3rd Shackle Glyph!

After reading through the recently announced glyph changes for Cataclysm, I was once more disappointed not to find my longtime desired, third shackle glyph for priests in the list – because really, the two we currently got aren’t nearly enough.
Every WoW priest loves his glyph of shackle undead and glyph of scourge imprisonment (a major one at that!), how would we ever cope without them? Yet there is a third shackle glyph desperately missing in the game right now which I’ve been asking to receive for years. Back then I assumed I was a genius ahead of my time, but I’m slowly running out of excuses for Blizzard.

No I am not kidding. I do actually want another glyph for shackle in the game. Blizzard can shove those two other glyphs where the light doesn’t shine, but there’s actually one glyph I’d love to have and would use if it was available:

Glyph of Righteous Threat
All of the shackled target’s threat will be re-directed to the player breaking the shackle.

That’s right – I want shackle to work the way it should work. No more killing the priest because that over-eager hunter keeps attacking the wrong target, the warlock dotting up every mob in sight, the melee thinking it’s a good time to use AoE next to CCed targets.

Now I won’t claim that we actually get to use shackle as often, I did use it regularly when raiding ICC25 with my guild though and I absolutely hate paying for other people’s mistakes. There’s no other priest mechanic that winds me up the same way, maybe it’s because I can usually control what happens or doesn’t happen to me (full wipes aside), but if shackle breaks constantly and your tanks are busy dealing with what they should be dealing with, chances are high you get pwned by an angry mob before you can re-shackle it for the 3rd time. It’s like being blamed for something you didn’t do and that doesn’t sit well with this priest, not well at all. If it happens once, that’s already one time too many (I am forgiving like that).

Besides that, the broken threat mechanic undermines the one and only real teacher in WoW: DEATH! And once more, death does not come to the one being stupid, it comes to me, argh! What were you thinking Blizzard?! I play a healer in WoW, dealing out life and death and letting the moron die is my province! How much quicker would DPS respect shackles if they were actually the ones being targeted by the mob they just freed, you think?!

And if that’s not gonna help – well then us priests still get something out of it at least.

WTB Glyph of Righteous Threat! Send out your requests today!


  1. In a pvp environment I make use of the glyph of shackle undead quite often vs DKs. When they summon that pesky gargoyle you can shackle it in the air and enjoy not being repeatedly spammed 1k dmg from it on top of the ghoul and DK smacking you. Not to mention shackling the ghoul is the only way to get it off you (short of killing it) since it’s immune to our fears.

    That being said I love your new glyph idea, even in pvp it’d be a nice way to get DK pets off you having your partner gain threat on it.

  2. I want the glyph of “Shackle Idiot”, where I can shackle any tank who refuses to wait for the healer, or any dps who yells gogogo, or pretty much anyone else who does stupid things in a group.

    Of course I too support Glyph of Rightous Threat, it makes a lot of sense in both PvE and PvP.

  3. “I want the glyph of “Shackle Idiot”…

    don’t we all Gronthe?? =D

    @Warsong Priest
    Using shackle in BGs honestly never even occured to me, you have a point there! I guess I am usually too busy healing, CCing, dispelling or running away lol…I’ll look out for this next time I got a DK on me!

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