Blizzard stoled my idea!

This morning after breakfast I actually managed to put the cottage cheese back on the kitchen board and the bread into the fridge instead. I don’t know if I should be worried, but it’s definitely one of those days.

In other news, I had a browse over at WacraftPets and got all excited over the mass of new minipets announced for Cataclysm (I know they’re out for a while)! That bushchicken is absolutely hillarious and ZOMG there will finally be monkeys! I know at least one other person on this blog that’s gonna get himself one of those.

Not me of course, I’ll want them all. Yes, I do hereby declare that I collect minipets and I’ve collected a fair few of them by now. As you can see I too am still missing the Disgusting Oozeling – I actually tried farming this toxic waste of a pet, but at some point I was ready to drop myself off a cliff rather than opening another of those shitty grey bags, so I quit. I’ve spent quite some time farming recipes in the past but this was too much for me. It is also a really ugly and stupid pet and why would I want it anyway, it doesn’t even look good and kills fluffy bunnies in Elwynn Forest, so I really don’t need to have this really not …Right.

Anyway, while browsing some more I came across this year’s Blizzcon 2010 pet and – now wait a minute! What does this remind me of?!

Blizzcon 2010 “Deathy”   –     Wrathmouse 2006

To the right a picture taken in 2006 of my beloved, passed-away gerbil “Kleiny”.
If I remember correctly I was making fun of Stumps’ tanking abilities on his gnome warrior (or rather his size) in Black Wing Lair at the time. =D

I can’t believe they stoled my idea! Do you see it??
To the left side: small animal with a poor choice for a helmet.
To the right side: small animal with a poor choice for a helmet.

I should send them a rant via E-Mail and demand compensation, I hear suing companies for horrendous amounts of cash is kinda big in the US.
Alternatively, I’d also settle for one of those pets…I am that forgiving!


  1. pfft it was alright for you to sit there and make fun of Stumpers’ size, they weren’t trying to feed YOU deviate delights, Winterfell Firewater and other poisonous concoctions in an effort to improve your height!!

    Bloody discriminating terrain!!

    In other news, I actually like the skin on this years blizzcon pet…not too cutesy and not too sci-fi.

  2. @ Larísa
    TBH I knew it all along.

    Yeah it’s a really nice looking pet. One more I won’t ever be able to pick up /sigh.

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