Tunes of Magic V – My top 10 songs to play in LOTRO

It’s been way too long since my last soundtracks roundup! For this fifth episode, I’m doing something a little different, namely introducing my 10 favorite tunes to play in LOTRO, on the harp or lute. And yes, if you follow twitter you may already have seen this – so this is for all my non-avian readers.

I’m a big fan of LOTRO’s ingame music feature; alas, unfortunately I am no fan at all of 90% of the player created music I get to hear in Bree or during questing in Middle Earth. Many songs picked by players are either out of tune and/or rhythm, or then they are simply misplaced in a fantasy themed game. No, I do not want to hear Lady Gaga’s latest hit when stopping in the Prancing Pony! I’m frankly surprised that playing on an RP server is no protection from this type of acoustic abuse.

Naturally, original LOTRO tunes aside, it’s either videogame or film soundtrack that works best for your musical performance. As the required .abc/.txt files for LOTRO are midi based, that is limiting your song choices. It certainly helps being a retro VG music nut like myself when browsing available tunes online. I’ve also attempted my own conversions with the Midi Converter but it’s not nearly as simple as it looks to get good results (generally classic/piano version midis work better). There are only a handful of libraries online, such as the Songbook of Laurelin (great for band pieces and folklore), Lotro ABC and the resurrected but unfinished Fat Lute.

My current solo favorites can all be downloaded at Lotro ABC for your convenience. With the exception of Ultima, they are all from classic console JRPGs, mostly composed by the unsurpassed Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu. All of my picks play extremely well in LOTRO and fall under the general category of “pensive and quiet tunes”. I regularly attract a crowd playing these in the Prancing Pony, so I happily share them with anyone desperate to find beautiful tunes that work well with barding in LOTRO. Enjoy my picks and spread the love! Let me know if you have similar recommendations and a merry weekend to all of you!


    1. /bow :p

      I LOVE the music at the char selection! And trollshaws, oh my. I go there just to hear the haunting BG music sometimes.

    1. Don’t tell anyone, but playing these tunes always makes me very mushy and weepy – so no reproach from me here! 😉

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